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Originally Posted by BigBob View Post
Yes you can keep gains after the cycle. lets say over a 5 year period you did 10 cycles. each time you keep 10 lbs of solid muscle. That would take you from 180 to 280! I exxagerste but you see my point. I never competed but my natural wieght was 210 before i ever touched steroids. After the first 10 years I was 275. But competitors generally have to stay on all the time.
listen to these guys. and no diss towards josh...but alot of these guys are big dudes and/or know alot. theres competeing bodybuilders on here as well.
the guys u see on stage at the Mr. O started lifting n dieting when they were teen agers. most are on high doses of multiple oils and orals all year round. but u can get on stage if u know what youre doing and are 110% dedicated. Diet n gym routine is more important than your cycle. but your first cycle will be your best gains. try the ol school common cycle of....

Test Cyp or Enan @ 500mg week- wks 1-12
Deca @ 400mg week - wks 1-10
Dbol @ 25-50mg every day-wks 1-4(i usually use the oral til half my this wld be the first 6wks...but 4wks is said to be safe)

dnt be surprised if u put on i did with this as my first cycle.

but for your question....
if your cycle +pct lasts 12wks....take 12wks off.
3mnths on...3mnths off...3mnths on...3mnths off= 1year


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