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Originally Posted by AtomAnt View Post
Prove this.... Not the toilet, but that you won't grow. What kind of food are you talking? What if it isn't grass fed or organic, I guess you won't grow to your potential then either because of the chemicals... Back your point with evidence

I know people that have used only protein powder because it is a cost effective option and that was all they could afford. If you use a multi species protein you will get a complete amino acid profile in a highly usable form...
The proof is the fact that you're on the toilet all day. Obviously, the protein's being digested too quickly and causing digestive problems. I can get a pound of chicken breast for $2.99 all day long yielding 120-130 g of protein. How's a powder any cheaper than that? I don't believe Mr. Olympia really eats the supps like they tell you in the mags. I do agree you should add them to your diet, but I don't believe in living on them. Man-made is never as good as nature-made when it comes to food.

"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!"
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