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Originally Posted by dorian777 View Post
So I guess you're saying I should combine several proteins in a jug and drink them all day long. I do that...for three of my meals. The other three contain steak, chicken, fish, or sushi. I realize powders have come a long ways over the years. When I started this, egg and milk were the main one. If you could ask all of the past Mr. Olympias what they ate, they'd probably say...real food. Especially, the early guys. Do you really think Arnold drank that nasty shit Weider was pushing?

Ok, so you do realize that powders have a use and are effective... If fats are adds and digestion is slowed down in the shake then one would not be shitting all day. I feel the issue is when someone just slams a shake and uses the same protein over and again with nothing slowing down digestion. I will agree with you that excessive use of straight protein powder is not optimal and that it will likely be excreted too quickly but there are ways to use shakes (with added fats and or carbs & fiber) to alter the rate of digestion and enhance absorption....

Although I am playing devils advocate with shakes, all but one meal is a shake fir me on a daily basis.... As I said earlier, whole food and the micronutrients it provides is much more suitable for building a good physique...

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