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Originally Posted by *Bio* View Post
Are you using any ancillaries?...Anastrozole, prami, etc? If so, that will keep the normal, initial water weight gain seen with Anadrol to a minimum. Has it affected your appetite in a negative way since starting? It has that effect in a fair amount of people.
Yeah, aromasin 12.5 ed. I have to keep it there to prevent gyno unfortunately. But definitely no negative effects on appetite, im hungry constantly from the eq...

Originally Posted by Lil' Sully View Post
Have u noticed any strength gains from it, either?
Not much, some in the past week or two, but that could be attributed to the test and eq. Both of those seem to take effect fully about that time (after 4-5 weeks). I def havent noticed any major strength gains at all, just standard.
Originally Posted by Derek7X View Post
Something's not adding up at all.... who did you get your gear from?

Just to give you some perspective, a cycle of only 60dbol a day with 300npp had my friend gain nearly 20 pounds in 3 weeks or less and he looks to be about same size/structure as you. There wasn't even any test in there.

I have a feeling all your gear is underdosed or fake , or you may want to post what your training is like....some people overtrain way too much and just burn all their calories and don't gain much muscle. The other possibility is, although it may sound like broscience, maybe your "receptors are fried" as they like to put it. For whatever reason, some people get off everything for 4-5 weeks, then they come back on and suddenly the gains come back like they are supposed to.

I know we can't talk about sponsors here, but if you PM me, we can discuss two sources I know with 100% legit anadrol that REALLY works and packs a punch. The strength should be seen literally within a few days, and you will notice the weight gain too. They're very cheap too.
As far as training, 4 days a week hitting every muscle group about every 5 days. 10-15 sets per muscle group. So, i dont believe im overtraining. Always get 7-8 hrs of sleep every night so recovery is good. Maybe you're right about my receptors needing a break, its been 9 months since ive been totally off. But that 9 months has had two trt cuises breaking it up. The drol did come from a sponsor here, but given the possibilties i dont wanna name them and hurt their business. Could be a bad batch, could just be me? Thanks bro, i will pm you on that.

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