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Originally Posted by MattG View Post
Thats what i had to do brother, im sure many will disagree with the method, but thats how my scenario panned out. I was very cautious with letro taper to prevent rebound but i got it anyways. Nips grew back almost as big as they were at the start, so i basically wasted 4-5 weeks and had to start all over again. 2nd time i went from 1.25 daily of letro down to 1 daily for a few days. Then went down to approx .75 daily letro and added .25 daily adex. Then .5 letro plus .5 adex for a few days. Then .25 daily letro and .75 adex. Then finally off letro and 1mg/day adex. Finally, i decreased adex by .1mg every day until off completely. May sound totally excessive, but it worked great, and with lowering/raising the two at the same time they balanced each other out and i didnt suffer any worse joint pain than i did while on letro alone...

P.S. i fucking hate gyno!

1.25mg daily is still a super high dose-

A lot of guys forget the super long half life of Letro-
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