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I'd suppose that one of the keys to large amounts of test would be moderating SHBG and aromatase. Everyone naturally is going to have varying levels of both. Someone with higher levels of both/either might not see the benefit from higher levels of test, while someone with naturally lower levels of both/either might benefit greatly.

If one were to use mega doses of Test, just for the sake of being able to utilize it, I'd definitely recommend they a compound like Winstrol that has been shown to modulate SHBG production, which keeps more Test unbound and bioavailable. Also, common sense says anyone using mega doses of Test should be using an AI, even if they don't experience estrogen sides. Keep more Test as Test and keep it unbound, and I don my see why they wouldn't see more/better gains from it.

But then again, I've never used that much Test, so my views are just supposition.

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