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Arimidex help
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Arimidex help - 04-20-2017, 09:17 AM

Hello all I need some advice for my arimidex dosage. I'm 27, 194lbs roughly 10-12%BF, been training hard for the past 2 years, 4500-5000 cal clean diet(40%carbs, 40%fat, 20%protein). My carb sources are unprocessed(vegetables mainly), all healthy fats(avocados, nuts, milk, olive oil). Goals are to put on roughly 10lbs more muscle and stay lean! I'm 8 weeks into a 600mg/wk(300 mon,300thurs) test cyp cycle kickstarted w/50mg dbol for first 4 weeks.
I started liquid arimidex 2 1/2 weeks ago at .25 EOD, got blood results yesterday and estradiol was at 114.1. Test was obv. >1500, hemocrit-46%. I was physically showing literally NO signs of high estro. No bloat, have steady morning wood and no problems getting erections, but I have low libido and I feel like CRAP. Obtaining a great body is important to me, feeling good is just as important.
I forgot to mention this is my first cycle, so here is what I'm planning to do and please help me/ give me advice. I took 1mg adex yesterday(to get blood levels up) and going to continue taking .35mg ED. My thought process was to lower the high estradiol with the single 1mg dose then drop to .35ED to maintain. I understand some estro is healthy and would be happy anywhere from 20-40. I will attach my blood work results as well. Thank you all in advance for your time!
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