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AnaSCI Interview: Cylon (Suppliers Corner)
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AnaSCI Interview: Cylon (Suppliers Corner) - 12-30-2012, 10:09 PM

PART 1 of 2
Interview by theRenegade

I went about getting the interview from several sources i know and at first they were all quite skeptical but as I relayed to them my intentions they slowly came around. One in particular. So for the inaugural issue of the Anasci Newsletter I present to you my interview. First source up for interview...may I present Cylon.

Renegade: Hey brother... thanks for agreeing to the interview. I appreciate it. I know its never good for a source to have the spotlight on them but this is definitely gonna be must read material.

Cylon: Well I have to admit I was hesitant and first but after you explained to me what this was about I though what the hell!

Renegade: I guess the question everybody wants to know is how's business?

Cylon: Its good for the most part. Like any business even one like this you have your ups and your downs but more ups than downs. I really cant complain.

Renegade: Beats working a 9-5 right?

Cylon: Actually I work one of those.

Renegade: Most sources do. Even the really good ones still hold down the 9-5. Some don't. Some do sourcing full time.

Cylon: Sometimes it can get hard to do both because both demand alot of your time. When I first started, my name really wasn't out there and I had to take time to build my reputation online, so for me working both was easy. But as time went on and people liked my services and I got referrals and new staying online, getting gear in, keeping track of order, shipping it out, replaying to emails in a timely manner, it all takes time. There are only 24 hours in one day. Sometimes one or the other would suffer because there wasn't enough time.

Renegade: So since you're still working the 9-5 job I assume you figured out how to juggle both to make it all work?

Cylon: For the most part. I mean I still have hiccups every now and then. Especially since I had to hire shippers. It just got to a point where I couldn't do everything myself so I had to include somebody which when I first thought about it really bothered me. You hear so many times over the years about sources getting busted because somebody they know rats them out. Well.. when I first thought about hiring a shipper I though about that very fact because as you increase your circle you increase the amount of liability you have. Its always a risk. I really had to to my due diligence when I hired my shipper.

Renegade: Sounds like you really put some thought into it. Sounds like your big on safety?

Cyclon: Well you have to be. This is no kids game. The ramifications of fucking up are your do time in prison. Unless you rat to save your ass which most sources do when they face the heat. I want to do everything I can to minimize my risk and exposure. That is the part that bothered me when I hired my shipper is like I siad I increased my liability. I had to find a way to balance that out and I was lucky because I hired a guy I know and I feel like I can trust but still I try my best to keep him at a certain distance.

Renegade: Speaking of is a heavy question. Tell me and our reader what you would do if you ever got busted? Would you sing like a canary or keep a tight lip?

Cylon: I knew this question would come. Im not gonna bullshit. It would be tough. I dont have kids or a wife but for those that do when they get busted the pressure must be so intense that its easy for them to cave. If your single and you cave your labeled a pussy and deservedly so. You cant hurt anybody but yourself fin that situation but if you take the risk when you have a family...which is stupid in of itself because you putting all of them at risk, I can understand why guys roll. The taught of the feds charging your wife with conspiracy, them taking your kid or kids and putting them into foster care.. all that shit. Its sick. It must be incredibly hard. To be honest I feel bad for guys in that situation. I still think they should keep quiet but I can understand when they don't. As for me...I hope I never have to find that out. I would like to think that I would stay quiet and I always tell myself that is what I would do. Lets hope we never get the answer to that question.

Renegade: Fair answer. Kind of evasive...but fair. You say you minimize your risk. Give me example of how you do this?

Cylon: Well...Im not gonna sit here and just spill th ebeans about everything I do. I didn't agree to that. But what I will tell you is that for one..I dont sell local. I sell online and thats it. I always think its a mistake to do both. I know guys get really greedy and try to get money from both ends but in the end that just ends up really fucking you hard. To be hoenst I think selling local is probably one of the dumbest ideas you can do now. Your just asking to get busted becuase when you sell local you have to do the transactions face to face. The small amount of security you get from doing it online is that your real name is still anonymous. When you do it locally people know who you are which makes it easier to ID you and bust you. So for me I made it a ruke to never do both and never associate with somebody I know who knows me around what I do that does that locally. Also I take commom sense measures that you would think most sources would do but dont. I dont do any business on home computers. I have a seperate ipad that I do all my stuff from. I like the iPad becuase its light, sleek and I can dump it or hide it in case something were to go down. Much easier than a laptop. I use a proxy VPN and ISP provider so my ISP addy never comes from where I actualy live. I have all the latest harddrive wiping software , although I doubt that shit really works. Only taking your hard drive out and throwing it in a lake or the ocena will ever really get rod of the evidence. I never keep anything around me. Ever.

Renegade: That has to be rule number 1 but every source I see busted always has shit at thier homes. These UG labs have all thier chemicals, pill presses , etc all lying around the house like its pfizer or some shit.

Cylon: Exactly. And thats why they get hit hard. What evidence do they really have on you if they can never catch you with anything. Granted if its a fed case then they can charge you with conspriacy on just the word of a rat or some BS, but thats the feds and they dont come after you unless thier case is iron clad so in that case your fucked anyway. But getting back to these other guys that get busted...I just shake my head that they have thier entire stash just hidden under the bed like the cops wont search there or something. Its ridiculous.

Renegade: Seems that stems from complacency.

Cylon: Thats the biggest thing that happens to soruces when they have been doing it for a while. The begin to think they cant be touched or they are so good that they will never get hit, so they begin to get careless. They talk, or they leave stuff at thier homes or drive with stuff in thier cars and speed. All these really dumb things. They dont keep thier eye on the prize. And in the end its thier carelessness that ends up doing them in. How many times have you seen a source busted for driving with a suspended license or a license plate that is overdue and they get busted with shit in thier car with that. When I see that I think about how big of a dumbass they are and that they deserve that shit.

Renegade: What about when it comes to actually getitng payment for gear or sending it out?

Cylon: Well this is the part where Im not going to divulge alot of my information becuase I ship all over the world. I dont want to give away my secrets but I will say that as far as accepoting money, some of th emethids I use are your standrd green dot, western union or money gram. I never do cash in the mail. Too risky for me although when I first started I did and it was okay., alot easier than going to 5 million western unions to collect payments but then again you run the risk of somebody having your info and then they get busted and tie it back to you.

Renegade: Cash in the mail used to be like the standard way to go for most sources.

Cylon: It really was for a while. When I first started years back that was how all ******** sources accepted payment. Only time you did western union was when you wer sending money overseas or you were a source overseas. Now with the boards being so open and the feds and police all over you have to insulate yourself as best as possible. Even now western union and money gram are not fool proof but they are still one of the best options we have. The patriot act really took away alot of avenues sources had to collect money. I dont think there is one fool proof way to collect money., Even if you involve others to get money for you, by involving others you run the risk of them getting busted, Hence increasing you liability.

Renegade: You really have to know who you are dealing with then?

Cylon: You really do. I see so many new sources pop up everyday and they open shop like its walmart. Throwing sales, having super low prices, and doing all kinds of silly shit just to get customers. They are all liabilities to me. I know these boards use them and their fee;s to make money but it really puts the community as a whole at risk. I remember back when, it was impossible to get a source online unless you knew somebody and had been around for years. Now you can get whatever you want at the click of a button adn there are no security checks. Sometimes I think to myself the feds either dont care now or are building another operation raw deal because shit is so wide open.

Renegade: operation raw deal was some fucked up shit. some 52 labs got busted. I remember all the panic it created. Now with all the open sourcing its like everybody forgot.

Cylon: Not only forgot but don't care. Only thing driving most of these guys today is the dollar. They will risk life and liberty for it because in this game there is alot of money to be made. Powders are cheap, supplies are cheap and profits are big and when there is money to be made people will be there to make it. I'm sure the feds monitor how open the boards are now and probably shake their head at how stupid some of these guys are. I will tell you though, that its my belief that the internet is more open now than it was prior to operation raw deal. I mean you had steroid super board, OLM, and several others that were open source boards and SSB is what got the ball rolling but many of the sources that are around now were not there then, so they really have no idea how that impacted the community. They don't have that level of fear in them. Im sure the sources that did survive that are gone, back under new names with tight security or dead. See I think all these new cats are young kids. Because they don't have alot of common sense. USA ******** sources having websites that you can use a credit card on. Hell even international sites that accept paypal and credit cards. PAYPAL for gear. You might as well write them a receipt.

Renegade: I laugh at that all the time. Guys have gotten so careless now that its come to them accepting credit cards.

Cylon: I guess they don't remember redi cat like we do. The USA ATF and DEA went to thailand to get this motherfucker. They actually went to another country to get him. So if they did that for him what do you think thy will do to you if they want you bad enough. Credit cards just make it easier to come get you. Its ridiculous.

Renegade: So I know you have been around for a bit. How did you get started?

Cylon: Well like most guys, I started using. I was broke and couldnt always afford my own cycles so when I could afford stuff I would get extra to sell to get mine for free. When I really got serious about doing this is probably when I was at my lowest point financially. I was working 2 jobs and could barely make ends meet, plus bodybuilding. I woke up one day with no electricity because I didn't have enough money to pay the bill and I had to borrow money from a buddy. It was humiliating. I remember looking myself in the mirror telling myself I was busting my ass and not even making it. I was trying to do it the right way and had absolutely zero to show for it, There had to be a better way. One thing led to another and I borrowed some money again from a buddy and found a good source online back in the day who I wont mention here. He really hooked me up. I remember I had 2k and I bought a shit load of pakistani sust amps, norma hella decas, galenka enanthate amps, naposim dbol zambon winny amps, some clen , T3, HCG, etc. I made a nice little chunk from that. And just reinvested it into more with the profits I made. Rest is history.

Renegade: Sounds like you were really motivated?

Cylon: Well I was motivated to get out of the shithole situation I was in. Some guys are already in good positions and do it because they are greedy or for whatever other reason. I didn't it to begin with because I couldn't make ends meet. I guess my situation was a little different.

Renegade: How were you able to differentiate yourself from your competition. There are a bazillion sources online now?

Cylon: I just tried to offer the best service I could at the best price. I knew because I had human grade stuff and not UG that it would be a good selling point and it was. I mean its not like Im going door to door selling vacuums. Steroids basically sell themselves because you have a select group actively looking to get them. Bodybuilders are cheap asses so usually whoever have the best prices and services usually does well. Its not rocket science. Its drug dealing.

Renegade: So you consider yourself a drug dealer?

Cylon: Well technically I guess I am but then again so is walgreens right? Only difference is they are legal and I'm not. But if your asking me , do I put myself in the same category as the gold tooth , saggy pants crack dealer on the corner, the answer to that would be no. I do not. But I'm sure there are plenty of people including Law Enforcement that would disagree with me. I feel like what I do is help guys reach their goals. Steroids are actually a medicine. They do heal people with certain ailments where crack, meth, LSD etc do not do any of those. They only hurt not help so no I do not consider myself in the same category as ziggy the crack dealer down on the corner.

Renegade: How much do you pull in a month now?

Cylon: Wow..that was blunt?

Renegade: People want to know! Its a fair question. You always hear sources talking about how they have 100 emails to answer every day, 300 boxes to ship etc. They sound like they are swimming in money.

Cylon: Lemme tell you something...all that is bullshit.I read those comments too. Being a source I know what is really going on. Even the best sources are answering 100 emails a day. You know how hard that would be to do that everyday and get anything done. You would get up at 9am and be at your computer until 2pm or even later just answering emails. When would you get anything done? Alot of times sources say that to stall for time for whatever reason, or try to make themselves look bigger than they really are. If you have 20 emails a day to answer your doing good. I would guess some guys have 30 in one day and make 15 the next and it varies but no source had 100 emails a day every day. It are bullshitting if you do. And I will tell you the reason they don't. Competition. There are too many sources out there now trying to get a price of the pie to have that many people ordering everyday. Now as far as how much I make, on a good month 50k. I have done 65k before in one month but I had some big customers ordering alot from me. But I generally do between 10-15k a month. To be honest I used to really push it but now I'm more content to just go easy with it and be safer. I have seen to many guys get busted because they were trying to be the scarface of the steroid world. Nobody gives two shits about you in jail.

Renegade: Funny.. I think the same thing. I have to laugh and guys who bump sources as the best ever. Every source is the best ever until he gets busted or scams and then he's a real piece of shit.

Cylon: well that's human nature. as a drug dealer your every bodies buddy until they don't need you anymore or something goes wrong and then your asshole numero uno. YO have to realize that going in that while your around with your service you can expect to be "the man"! Once your time is over nobody will even remember who you are.

Renegade: So what are your goals? DO you want to be the next scarface of the steroid world?

Cylon: No. I will leave that bravado to the dumbass young kids. I would prefer to not even been seen on the boards, I do okay now with where I'm at. DO I want to make a million at this? It would be nice. But that would require alot of risk and that right now isnt something Im prepared to do. I'm content with the amount I make now with the people I have. I live good. I don't worry about electricity anymore and I put money away under my mattress for a rainy day. I dont have any specific set goals nor do I have a time fram. I go by my gut and when it tells me its time Its time. Just like this interview. Its getting to be that time.

Renegade: Yeah I guess I have taken enough of your time for today. I appreciate you answering my questions for part one of this interview. I look forward to part 2.

Cylon: Anytime brother. I actually enjoyed talking with you. I hope I answered the questions in a way that your readers will like.

Renegade. For sure.
Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview next issue!
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