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AnaSCI Interview: Shelby Starnes (IFBB Pro Circuit)
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AnaSCI Interview: Shelby Starnes (IFBB Pro Circuit) - 01-31-2013, 09:23 AM

Interview by: Gary Granaas

When I met Shelby I knew of him long before. Shelby's reputation for peak conditioning preceeds him. I'll never forget the day I registered for a show and to my surprise saw Shelby Starnes eating a rice cake in the auditorium seating. All I could think is there goes any chance of an overall win. Not surprisingly, Shelby won his class and over all win. For some time we have ran in the same circle occasionally seeing each other at the same gym or event. Certainly, it is no surprise either Shelby achieved his IFBB Pro card. Shelby is a master of his training and his diet. Even his clients are proof of that. I was able to catch up to my friend and get a few questions in for the newsletter below.

GG: How long have you been a competitive bodybuilder? Your first show?

SS: Iíve been competing for 8 years now. My first show was the 2005 Motor City Championships (which is also known as the Central States). I won the novice division and took 2nd in the open middleweights.

GG: When did you win your pro card? How did it make you feel when you finally achieved your Pro card and became an IFBB Pro?

SS: I obtained pro status by winning the Overall at the 2012 Masters Nationals (35+ division). Itís still sinking in Ė I think it will take a couple years of competing as a pro before it truly sinks in.

GG: How has bodybuilding changed your life?

SS: Many ways. Itís taught me a lot of self-discipline and patience, and about dealing with adversity. Itís also become how I make a living, as a diet and training coach.

GG: What is one thing about you or a body part you could change what would that be?

SS: My whole body is always a work in process, all my body parts need more development. Thatís the fun of it, I guessÖ itís a never-ending pursuit of improvement.

GG: Where could someone reach you for questions or learn about you? website or email?

SS: My website is Shelby Starnes and I can also be reached via email at [email protected]

GG: Any plans for competition in the future?

SS: Iíll be doing a 212 show in the future but which one has yet to be determined.

GG: I know you were real busy and couldn't spare a lot of time this week. So Thank You for sparing what you could Shelby!

You can catch Shebly on the fitness forums as well, as he is a regular to the forums. He also writes for another forum and is very inspirational to the community. I look forward to seeing where Shelby takes his Pro status. This is definitely someone with future potential and a great deal of skills for the stage. This concludes another interview with the Pro's.
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