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PART 3 of 3
Interview by: theRenegade

Renegade: Last month we left off with the question of what are some of the biggest issues you run into.

IV: Well... it ranges from alot of things. I think the biggest issue and I can't speak for every source, but for me its timing when my new stock arrives so that I don't run out. Usually I do run out before I get more in which causes down time.

Renegade: Well from all reports the Iso Vet brand is more popular than ever. You must run out th eminute you get more in.

IV: Funny you say that because I have had that happen more than a few times. I feel bad from some of my smaller clients because they email me everyday asking when I have stuff and then when I post up that I do, everybody comes rushing to get it and it just flies out. There have literally been times where I have only had stock for one day.

Renegade: ONE DAY? !!!

IV: Yes, no joke. One day.

Renegade: Must be nice to see all that green come rolling in.

IV: I work hard for that green. I have to put up with alot. Its not just getting stock in, its answering emails, overseeing production and shipping, coordination payments and delivery. Its a alot to do. There are days I do not sleep. Literally. See the thing about having it all go out at one time is that you have 50-60 guys or more that order, so you have to have your people pick up the money which now with the new rules at the payment serive places isnt easy anymore so that takes a little bit. Then you have to pack everything up and get it shipped out. It creates quite a cluster fuck sometimes.

Renegade: I can only imagine.

IV: And then I have to play peacemaker because you will always have guys that come late to the party and wont get anything and they will bitch and moan that they have been waiting for 2-3 weeks or however long and now they have to wait longer, and its not my fault but I have to try to smooth it over.

Renegade: More like babysit right?

IV: No I wouldn't go that far but I will say that you have guys now that think things should just come to them with the snap of a finger or that this is nothing and has no repercussions. I have had to tell more than a few guys to go kick rocks because I either A) didnt like thier attitude towards me or b) I felt they were careless and were a liability.

Renegade: I bet that didn't go over well.

IV: No it usually doesn't but thats the way it goes. When I tell them to get lost they usually bitch and moan, cuss me out, or cry.

Renegade: Wait...did you say cry?

IV: Oh yeah. I have guys send me mail where the tone of the mail you could tell they were crying. But hey safety is safety and if I feel you are a liability you're gone. Im not going to jail or getting busted for anybody so they can get thier few bottles of test. Fuck that. Let me tell you something in all my years of watching this game. People always say how a source is the " man" when things are going good but when shit hits the fan they all of sudden become personona non grata. There are no friends in this game. Only people looking out for themselves. I know this. And this is why I keep everything strictly professional which is another reason why I do not care if I kick a guy to the curb. Its nothing personal. Its just good business.

Renegade: Don't forget these guys would dime you out in a second to save themselves.

IV: You know it.

Renegade: Thats smart business. Guys reading this should feel better that you take such responsibility for safety. Kicking jackasses to the curb for being dumbasses is the best policy. I know if my source said that I would feel better at nigh that all precautions were being taken.

IV: We do the best we can but even scumbags can get through at times.

Renegade: So I take it you have had breaches in security?

IV: Here is a little story. There is a guy that was a mod on a very well known board that was busted years ago. He was busted by a local buddy of his. When he was busted he put his story up all over theboard for everybody to read so we knew who the rat was. Turns out the rat was a member of that board as well. So times goes by and the mod is convicted and gets a good sentence that is pretty lienient. Anyway the rat scum goes back to the sewer where he belongs for a while, most likely lurking under some new name. Cut to a few months back. Im answering emails and this guys real name who ratted out the mod comes across in one of my emails. Needless to say I remembered the name. I didn't even say shit to him. I just blocked him and cut off all business with him. He slipped up and used his real name once which he had not been doing prior to that. If he hadn't slipped I would never have known. I didn't want to alert him that I knew who he was to draw any attention to the issue. Just cut ties and thats it. I alerted people who needed to know and that was that.

Renegade: Well after years he probably figured nobody would remember and he could go back to doing what he was doing.

IV: Happens all the time. Sometimes great "Bros" on the forums are scum sucking sewer shit that has worked to gain a new reputation and people dont even know because there are so many new guys that they were not around for the old busts so they know nothing about them.

Renegade: Which is another reason they are so careless.

IV: Right. I turn down alot of guys for business simply becuase they are brand new or they conduct themselves in a way that you can just tell will one day lead them to trouble. When i come across guys like that I just ignore them. I get emails from guys that sometimes dont even sound right. I literally cant even read the sentence they put together. Either is bad english or they are n drugs or whatever the case may be. I don't even respond. I just hit delete.

Renegade: what about products. Any news on anything potentially new coming out soon?

IV: I get this asked alot by guys. I can tell you that we do have a water based test suspension in the works as well as a oral turinabol, and nandralone phenyl prop in the works. Guys have been asking for this for a while and we are always working to make our brand better.

Renegade: Im sure guys will be all over the Turinabol. Thats dbol minus the bloat. Great for guys who want to gain but not look like a bloated mess and the hardcore dieters.

IV: Yes I have used turinabol in the past and thats the best way to describe it. Its really a great compound and we have been working on it for a while.

Renegade: I know you must get asked this alot but when do you think it might be out?

IV: We are looking at a fall release.

Renegade: Can't wait. Listen..I know you are a busy man and have a million things to do so i don't want to take up anymore of your time. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with us. I know the readers have really enjoyed it. Before we finsih this up is there anything you want to add or let the readers know?

IV: Just that the IV brand is always working to become better so that you guys get better results. We believe in getting what you pay for and we are always doing our best to make sure that the quality of the product is there. Also we do our best to make sure that everybody is taken care of but just remember we are people too and we have lives outside of this so please remember that and always god bless.

Renegade: Thanks brother. Its been a pleasure.

IV: Anytime brother.

Renegade: Well meatheads there you have it. Another great round of questions for IV. I want to take a moment to thank him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview. It has been a reat treat. Join us next month fellas when we have another great interview with another great source here at anasci. Until then.
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