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PART 2 of 3
Interview by: theRenegade

Well well meatheads, here we are for round 2 of the steroid round table discussion. By the feedback we got last month we knew it would be a hit but we never thought we would get the feedback we did. Its why I do what I do. To bring you guys the best toilet reading material you can find. I told you last month that part 2 was gonna really be some shit you wouldn't want to miss and believe me.. its some crazy shit these guys talk about. Im glad we are able to print it so you meat monkeys can read it. Now I could spend another paragraph or 5 ran***ly talking about uselss shit just to fill space but there aint no need for that this month. So lets just cut the bullshit and get right to it shall we. Have at it freakz!!!

Renegade: Damn you guys make a shit ton of money. 40K is more than some people make in a fucking year. No wonder so many guys want to be sources. Hell hearing that makes me want to source.

triggerhappy: no doubt its alot of money. Nobody can deny that. But to think its all money and no work is stupid. We take alot.. and I mean alot of risks to make that kind of money. Dont be stupid to think otherwise.

Mr.69: I know I put up with alot of fucking stress and headaches to make the money I do. Its worth it though. It does give you a pretty good amount of free***.

the fonz: And to add to that.. the money can be addiciting. When your used to making that.. its not like 9-5 is really going to cut it anymore. Can you really see yourself going from 40k a month to 3k a month for a normal job. please.

Renegade: Shit yes I would think it would be addiciting. Thats what 480,000 a year if you make 40k a month consistently. How many sources you think actually do that kind of volume?

The Fonz: Not too many. Alot of sources try to act like they are super busy when they aren't.

Triggerhappy: Yeah i agree with that. I would say only a handful of really established guys make that. Some of the bigger ones you see on multiple forums probably do and maybe some older private ones.

Mr.69: fuck alot of these newer ones arent making that. I can guarantee that. They run all these crazy deals and post whore all over the forums. They are trying to drum up business. You can see the ones that do the volume and the ones trying to fight for scraps.

Renegade: So the "pie" really isn't big enough for everybody then?

Mr.69: Well, yes and no. Yes its not big enough from the point that you have all these new guys getting powder from china and trying to brew up their own shit and sell it to make a quick buck. In that case no there isnt enough room because there can only be so many sellers. Everybody cant sell. Then who would be left to buy? At some point it becomes to fucked up with too many guys. And you kind of see that
every now and then.

The Fonz: I disagree. Some guys will like UG shit, some will like only human grade and some like both. Also as old guys go away new guys step in to take their place. Both buyers and sellers, so to me it is big enough because how many forums are there and how many guys use. millions? Yeah its big enough where we can all make something.

Triggerhappy: Nope. Nope. Nope. We cant all make 40K. Some guys do more and those guys have great gear and have been at it a long long time. You just dont buy powder whip it up and open shop and make 40k in a month. Doesnt happen. Anybody that tells you it does is a fucking liar. You have to build up a rep, a customer base etc. That
all takes time.

Renegade: True. Alot of boards wont even take you on as a source unless you have had years of experience. Only the shit boards with no regulation let anybody on. That usually brings trouble.

The Fonz: Shit yes it brings trouble. Thats what it was back in the old days of some of these boards. No oversight so people just went buckwild and that type of forums breeds scammers and is a haven for Law Enforcement. There was a site back in the dad called bodybuilding classifieds and you didnt need any credentials at all. Just
sign up and post away. That got alot of people in trouble. Helped bring down more than one guy a few years back.

Triggerhappy: Thats why they shut down the meso-rx classified forums. Thats place was just like you described. Like the wild west and people got scammed there everyday because there was no oversight. And the fact the owner got scared he was gonna get busted.

Mr.69: Thats why the good boards everybody wants to be on are usually the hardest to get on because of all the security.

Renegade: So speaking of security, what kind of precautions do you guys take in order to secure yourselves and your customers?

The Fonz: I do referrals mostly. I have a nice built in base that does pretty much the same every month. Would I like to take on more customers in the future or even now? yeah but its so risky out there that taking referrals from my already trusted customers is the only way I feel good enough to keep safe and expand. As far as payments go its only Western union or money gram for me.

Triggerhappy: Its the only way left to go. Its not like your going to accept cash in the mail and lead the feds right to you. Also looking up forum history is a pretty good idea. If they have a long forums history then thats a good sign you have somebody legit. the guys that just show up yesterday and start asking for shit are the typical red flag guys you want to stay away from.

Mr.69: Most guys forget this is the internet and people remain anonymous, there fore they can say whatever and how are they really gonna be identified? So referrals is a good way. Checking history is another. refs from mods and VIPS is good as well.

The Fonz: And when I say referrals I mean it has to be from either a customer of mine or from some really well known forums member. I just dont take the chances anymore. When i was younger I was a little more liberal in my choices but as you get older you see the writing on the wall. You as a source never want to become one of the busted stats.

Renegade: It seems like at times there are alot of busts and then shit goes quiet and then alot of busts pop up and then it gets quiet again for a time.

The Fonz: Generally if you really read the articles on why they were busted it is usually from doing something local, getting ratted out, or other drugs involved.

Triggrhappy: yeah the last time I saw it just being online guys was operation raw deal in 2007. the feds really went after those dudes hardcore.

Mr.69: That was all political pressure from the basbeall issues and the chinese olympics coming up. They did that to look good. You dont see anything like that since. But then again when you had steroidsuperboard which was just a fucking free for all. He was basically slapping the feds in the face. They get pissed about shit
like that and they know steroids are an easy bust.

Triggerhappy: Local shit will get you busted everytime. if you really think about it why even do that anymore if you really want to make money. I dont think any of the really big big sources you see online even remotely touch local sales. There is an old saying if you deal local dont deal online and vice versa and there is a reason for that. its like drinking and driving. you dont mix the two its too dangerous. The
smart ones do that. The stupid and greedy ones dont, and then they get busted.

Renegade: Im still thinking about the 40k a month. Think of all the things you could do with that kind of cash!

Mr. 69: What can you do with it? I'll tell you what you can do. Nothing. If your smart. Just save it and keep it for a rainy day.

Triggerhappy: He's got a point. The feds watch everything so dont do anything that gets reported to the IRS, so its not like you can go and buy 10 cars and a mansion and think everything is going to be okay. You cant spend foolishly otherwise that will come bite you in the ass.

The Fonz: The smart sources have regular jobs and do this on the side. That way they can always show where the money they pay taxes comes from. If you try to pay taxes from your steroid money through legit channels it could work but most likely would get charges added onto you when you finally do get busted.

Triggerhappy: I cant even remember how many steroid busts I read about where guys get hammered because of the money they spent. I mean really? There was this one dude I remember back during operation raw deal that got busted and he had a lambo or ferarri or one of those high dollar rides. Bought it with steroid money. I couldnt believe it. I always wondered if he tried to put that in his mommas name! LOL!

Renegade: So I guess the moral of that lesson is just save save save or at the very least use the money to fund a legit business.

The Fonz: You can even do that really. Banks have all kinds of questions. I guess you could drop little 2 and 3k deposits in your account until you got up enough to do something but when the shit hits the fan if you cant prove where those little 2 and 3k deposits came from they will say its all drug money and bust you, take your
shit, and hammer you. its just how they work.

Mr.69: I have a buddy who does volume in weed sales and he owns a car wash, kind of like that dude Walter White on breaking bad. Guy funnels all his money through there and really what can the feds say? He takes cash so unless they stake the place out for 2 -3 weeks and count how many cars go through there they really cant prove shit.
Which is why a car wash or something similar like this is a good business to turn your illegal money into legal ones.

Renegade: taxes would hurt on 40k a month.

Triggerhappy: Fuck yeah it would. Thats why i would just keep that shit under the mattress.

Mr Fonz: Well I cant do this shit forever. Any good source has to have some kind of exit plan. Im sure there are some guys who do in fact plan to do this for as long as they can but every source has a shelf life. Sooner or later the reaper will come for you and you cant cheat the reaper. The reaper in this case being the feds or some type of bust.

Renegade: So what is a typical shelf life for a source. What determines that to be exact?

Mr.69: I dont think you can even really put a number on that to be honest. The old fashioned way was when you got busted or quit. Now with so many snitches and the feds knowing more about is going on with the forums, sources need to have a time frame in which they work with to make money. Be it a big time source or the some one
selling a few bottles here and there. You have to be ready to leave this game otherwise you will end up a statistic.

Triggerhappy: Thats the honest to god truth. But fuck there are guys like IP who have been in the game for 20 fucking years. So its different for everybody. It comes down to how secure you make yourself and in some cases how lucky you are.

Renegade: IP has been around for fucking ever. Thats so true but he has gone through some shit. Some scary shit. He has been close to busted a few times but he always escaped. he's like mother fucking houdini.

The Fonz: Yeah I have heard over the years some of the near bust expereicnes he has had. Crazy shit. Most guy would have crapped thier pants and ran. IP is a true example of a long lasting source. Transcendent actually!

Mr.69: All the things you guys say are true but it really comes down to the position the source puts himself in. Some sources are just stupid sloppy and some are so good it would be almost impossible for the feds to get them.

triggerhappy: bullshit. If the feds know you and want you its only a matter of time before they get you. they have unlimited resources to get you. if they want you you're dead. Simple as that.

Renegade: So well say you got busted one day. How would you guys handle it?

The Fonz: I cant say it would be easy. With the new sentencing guidelines you are looking at 10 years for a first timer. Not even the 5 they had a few years back. I cant say what I would do but I have to think as a man I would do the right thing.

TriggerHappy: I think the last thing any of us want to do is think about the ramifications of getting busted. Some guys crack under the pressue of the fed boot. I for one would like to think that I could handle myself but I guess you just never know until that day.

Mr.69: I wouldnt say a peep. If they got you with nothing on you or in your house it really makes it difficult for them . The one thing I always make sure is that I never have anything in my house or car. As long as those places are clean everything is good. If they catch you with shit will you can kiss all this shit goodbye.

Renegade: We will stop here for this month and get ready for the conclusion next month. You guys wont want to miss what these guys talk about. It really give you great insight into the working minds of some if the best sources out there. Stay tuned next month meat monkeys! Until then....
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