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AnaSCI Interview: Big A (Raw & Uncensored)
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AnaSCI Interview: Big A (Raw & Uncensored) - 08-02-2017, 11:56 AM

Part 1 of 3
Interview by: AnaSCI Members

Massthetics: How did you balance your bodybuilding career with family and business?
What challenges did you face, in each aspect? (If I'm being to personal my apologies) Most bodybuilders usually
get divorced as well as successful businessmen who put this in front of family.

BIG A: I am all or nothing kind of person. I cannot do things by halves.
So what I found best for me is to work non stop at my office in one side of
the country for 9 days straight and then I spend time with the family and
zero work for 5 days, on the other side of the country.

TeknoViking: Was there a point when you wanted to quit before you made it big
professionally/financially? What made you want to keep going?

BIG A: I have never felt like quitting in anything before I reach my goal,
unless I get bored with the process. I have always had clear goals in my
life of what I want to achieve and not getting there is simply not an
option. Sometimes I get "angry" with the universe and I say "just give me
everything now, because I WILL have it anyway, so why make me wait?". There
has never been any doubt in my mind about what I want and I have this
constant "desperation" inside myself to get there.

feeshoils: What is one of the toughest lessons you've learnt in regards to bodybuilding and life in general?
Did that lesson change your approach to training and outlook on life at the time? Thankyou!

BIG A: You can't rely on anyone. Noone will have the desire to stand
beside you as much as you do. At the end of it, it's just you against the

thethinker: What is something you wish you would've known before embarking on your long bodybuilding journey?

BIG A: That I should have concentrated more on thing at a time, not jump
from one to another. I would have achieved more in bodybuilding and life if
I would have done one thing at a time, then move onto the next one, rather
than try to do multiple things at once.

*Bio*: Thanks for doing this Big A!Is there anything you would have approached or done differently
in regards to competitive bodybuilding? Drugs, dosages, food, training, etc?

BIG A: Everything I was doing was correct, just not consistent enough.

tenny: at what point did you realize you just couldn't be competitive in the IFBB...???
and what pro shows have you competed in, where did you place...??? who else was in the show that you were impressed with at that time..??
going back to the first question.....maybe it was a certain show...maybe seeing a certain person backstage...or wasn't willing to do the
drugs involved...what was the factor where you decided..... FUCK THIS...???

BIG A: I could have been extremely competitive. I had the perfect
genetics. I could put on muscle at will, get ripped at will and I was shaped
like a larger Bob Paris. However, I did not have the mental conviction for it.
From the day I started training, I had a clear goal in mind - to turn pro.
The problem was that I never envisioned anything past that point. At all. So
when I turned pro, all of a sudden, I was like "What now?". I had zero
mental fortitude to go any further.

As soon as I turned pro, I signed up for a string of shows. But, I couldn't
train, diet or even inject myself. I simply had no desire for it.

After 6 months of no training, no gear and junk diet, 1 month out from the
first show, I was informed by the IFBB that if I didn't attend, I would get
fined US$5,000 and banned from competing. So, one month out, I thought I
could make it. I started training again, taking aas again, but since I
looked untrained bodyfat %, I did a crash course of DNP. However, it was
middle of summer, in the desert. For the whole 4 weeks, I was basically
living on watermelon and the occasional protein shake just trying to stay
alive from the heat.

You can imagine the end result. The promoter of the show commented that I
looked better as a teen..

The night before, in the middle of an injection, I thought to myself "What
the fuck are you doing??" I pulled the needle out half way through and went
to a cake shop.

Anyway, I walked on stage 30lbs below my usual weight and just FAT. Not
watery or flat (actually I was that too) but FAT. With no muscle. I did the
first round, met the contractual obligations and walked away. The IFBB put
down that I retired "due to injury".

I did not step foot in a gym for years afterwards.

That show had in it Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Melvin Anthony and so on.

anon1: I would be interested in knowing what your diet looked like on your larger cycles.

BIG A: Off season, it was whatever I wanted, as long as it was every 2
hours and I was having a 50g protein shake with every meal.

AnaSCI: What are some of your accomplishments on/off the internet within the bodybuilding community.
As in what are you directly responsible for by way of being the first to achieve something (ex. You were the first online personal trainer
for the forums back in the early/mid 90's. Things like that)? Dig out some of those notebooks and let the people know what you take
credit for in the evolution of the online bodybuilding community

BIG A: We spoke about this in the past. I'm sure I'll forget some, but
from the top of my head:
- I introduced the concept of generic HGH to the boards/bodybuilding
- I told Alin to call his products postcards and dvds and that
spread around the entire community with all sources and entered general talk
- I introduced the concept of sponsors to the forums
- I organised the first PROPER, Government licenced and legal, GMP
standard pharmaceutical factory designed primarily to sell gear to
bodybuilders. Now facilities like that are everywhere in multiple countries
- I was the first online trainer, doing live chat sessions
- I was the first pro to my knowledge to openly talk on the internet
about everything
- I had the first forum on the net where you could interact with
IFBB Pros -, the precursor to
I know there are many more but answered these questions quickly while
I was in between flights. So no real time to give it major thought and the
above was just off the top of my head.

Mr. BMJ: Did you ever read the Q&A article MM2K did in the 90's of the bodybuilder from Australia?
If so, who was it? What 90's bodybuilder do you wish you would have gotten the chance to train with? Who was the craziest
IFBB pro you ever met? (both mentally and dosage-wise)? How well did you know Sonny Schmidt? What is the most you ever:

BIG A: I read that article. It wasn't real. If you had an intimate
knowledge of the bodybuilding and drug scene at the time, you could tell
that it was written by someone that was well read on the scene but did not
actually experience it.
Dorian, for sure.
Pros have never been as crazy as some amateurs are.
I only knew Sonny in passing.
I am very weak for my size - very bad leverage. My highest lifts were 2 x
315 on the incline press, 495 x 8 rock bottom on the squats and I have no
idea on the deadlift.

Marky boy: What training split did you achieve the most size with? What 2 exercises per body part
would you say added the most size?

BIG A: 3 day a week split, exactly as detailed in my Beginners article.
Rock bottom squats and that's it!
Bent-over rows and pull downs
Millitary press and lateral raises
D-bell curls and hammer curls
Skull crushers and tricep dips
Incline presses and pec dek where the bench is all the way to the bottom, so
your elbows are at your ear level, chest inflated, back arched, chin in your
chest - 2 sec contraction, 3 second negative.

MightyJohn: It might have already been asked but any regrets?(either pushing the envelop or
leaving the sport)?

BIG A: Massive regret from not achieving my potential as I could have been
quite good. I quit at 26.

K1: Concreteguy started a thread discussing caloric intake. We have various views on the topic.
Would like to know which way you lean on the subject:
1) Do you believe in the 'eat only when hungry' idea
2) Do you believe in the 'eat by time and by the numbers' idea
Example: CG states eat massive amounts of food (using drugs to push the nutrients where they need to go) - Bboy states eat
when hungry (your body is anabolic when you are hungry and you will grow in that anabolic state).

BIG A: I am very methodical in everything I do in my life, so for me, 2)

Mr. BMJ: Who is your favorite bodybuilder of all-time? What is your
favorite cultural food to eat?

BIG A: Bob Paris for sure. Dorian Yates a far second. Italian.

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