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Originally Posted by Sully View Post
Ok, now that I got that one off my chest.

A big mistake I see newbies making is doing these complicated, advanced workout routines. I watched a kid at my gym do this type of workout for a couple weeks before I asked him about it. He was doing the "World's Strongest Bodybuilder Workout" from some stupid muscle magazine, and acted all indignant that I didnt just recognize the workout he was doing. There were tons of isolation movements for these tiny muscle groups, and of course he was doing most of them wrong. Plus he was using way too much weight for all of them, which in turn meant he was half repping everything. And he wasn't phased at all when I explained that he didn't get to be the "World's Strongest Bodybuilder" by doing this workout. He can do this workout because he spent years doing basic compound movements with reasonable amounts of weight, building up a base of size and strength.

I've seen so many kids do this stuff over the years. And you can't tell them anything, so there's not much point in engaging them in conversation about it.
I was nervous when I started out. I didn't want the Meatheads laughing at me I would have never tried the World's strongest bodybuilder routine. I still won't as a matter of fact. [emoji6]

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