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Originally Posted by squatster View Post
When you do HGH AND MK-677 in same cycle with insulin -
How much of each would you do your self of the MK tabs and the HGH you guys sell.
I know with the low prices I would possibly go higher in IU's and ML's my self
It all depends upon your personal response and goals. I am not good to go by as I get severe fatigue on gh products. If I didn't I would play about with dosing but the majority of the time have it like this...

2-5iu Genotrope and 5iu humalog (breakfast aftewards)

2-5iu Genotrope and 5iu humalog (intra shake afterwards)

10-20mg MK-677

That stack above is solid and would product excellent results. You could play about with doses but that timing is solid.

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