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Originally Posted by Elvia1023 View Post
It all depends upon your personal response and goals. I am not good to go by as I get severe fatigue on gh products. If I didn't I would play about with dosing but the majority of the time have it like this...

2-5iu Genotrope and 5iu humalog (breakfast aftewards)

2-5iu Genotrope and 5iu humalog (intra shake afterwards)

10-20mg MK-677

That stack above is solid and would product excellent results. You could play about with doses but that timing is solid.
Do you run your mk on the same days as your gh or do you take mk on your off days? I posted this question a lot of places but I seem to not get a answer your feedback would be much appreciated and if so should I run my mk the whole 6 months with my hgh. Thank you

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