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Originally Posted by jimmy14 View Post
Do you run your mk on the same days as your gh or do you take mk on your off days? I posted this question a lot of places but I seem to not get a answer your feedback would be much appreciated and if so should I run my mk the whole 6 months with my hgh. Thank you

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Originally Posted by squatster View Post
You can take the mk and the gh on the same day
Sorry I missed your post. As Squatster stated you can use both in the same day. Using both means you can run less hgh and get similar results with much lower cost. I think both compliment each very well. MK has been used in studies for 2 years with no adverse effects. Obviously like with hgh watch out for fasted glucose levels, heart rate, water retention and blood pressure when on cycle.

I would recommend mk 2 hours pre bed and hgh first thing and/or in the afternoon depending upon what dose you are running. If you train earlier on then dose it pre workout. If running 6iu or over I would split hgh into 2 doses. MK I would dose at 10-20mg again depending upon your hgh dose and your tolerance to side effects. 10mg mk should be plenty though if combining with hgh. Nothing has to be exact but those guildlines are good ones to follow.

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