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Why im considering short burst cycles
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Why im considering short burst cycles - 03-31-2018, 10:42 PM

So I have been crusing for about 8 weeks now and thinking Iím going to start a cycle this week and have been racking my brain about what to do. Iím 35 and my competitive days are on hold due to work and school plus Iím more conscious of my health and letís face it Iíll never turn pro or even be a national level competition so my priorities are changing.

I still have issues coming off gear for any length of time and itís rare and far between for me to mentally drop down to 250mg test for 4-8 weeks so I am thinking of doing 4 week on 4 week off/cruise cycles to force me to come off for the time I was in and utilize shorter esters and most likely just test and one other compound. I will also use GH/humalog during the 4 week cycles and then come down to only 250mg during my 4 week cruise. Part of this is to see how each compound responds because letís be honest when your doing a stack of 3-5 compounds itís hard to tell whatís doing what.

Iím going to keep my test around 500mg/week on the blast and then the other compound somewhere around 300-500mg depending on what it is so that way my total amount stays under 1g total. My GH on the blast will be around 5iu daily in one bolus amount pre workout and then 2iu daily during cruise. My humalog will be around 4-8iu depending on what Iím training and my carb intake.

My diet is going to consist on very high protein around 400g and then small amounts of added fats on my lean protein meals like avocados, almonds, whole eggs. My carbs will be only taken in pre/intra/post workout and will be around 200-250g training days and only around 30-60 on of days to keep me lean and insulin sensitivity high.

My training is a 3 day push/pull/legs split lifting between 4-5 days per week. Lower total volume on loading days and moderate volume on ďpumpĒ days. I try to beat my log book but due to years of lifting and injuries my training is also very instinctive and if I need to take 2 days off in a row or go light for a week I do it on the fly and donít stay married to my program if I need to make adjustments.

In the past I have always responded very quickly to cycles but seem to loose steam mentally and also physically around the 6-8 week mark so hopefully this will allow me to stay fresh mentally and physically and also give my body a semi healthier way of trying to still make progress without destroying my body and health.

Let me know your thoughts and I was debating on doing a very detailed log also. Iím starting around 240lbs right now maybe 10% bodyfat? And coming off a 250mg/week test cruise.
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