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Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size
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Nasty, Freaky, Ugly Size - 11-26-2018, 02:10 PM

Time to get big and ugly.

Last "off season" I did a lot of experimenting and tried quite a few new things. Had some success and some failures but it set me up to really push in the right direction now.

I stayed relatively lean when I was growing before and plan to do so again until, I hit the wall then, we get chubbers.

Will be running EP oils and orals from Uncle Z for this go.

A couple weeks back I switched from short esters to long and the doses are -

200mg test e EOD(was going to use sust but switched)

120mg Deca eod

50mg tren hex eod

3iu gh ed

50mg Proviron ed

I will let this run for a few weeks then switch to a trt dose of test with some trestalone thrown in for good measure.

Will be focusing back on the log book using FT since I did let it slip away at the end of my cut since strength was fading a bit. Not a good thing for me to do back then but, I did and it's more learned.

Diet -

Non training days will be trace carbs higher protein and fats

Training days will be moderate carbs higher protein moderate fats.

Cardio -


Holding a ton of water right now from eating whatever I wanted since Thursday. Tons of Thanksgiving day food and desserts. Pizza. Fried chicken. Lots of ice cream. Donuts and kolaches. Diet began today so the water should be gone in a few days.

Haven't trained since Wednesday since I needed a break and it's been nice. Tomorrow I'm back in the gym though.

That's about it to kick things off. Starting pics from the day before Thanksgiving.
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