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11-26-2018, 02:33 PM

Training today upper loading.

I removed lower pump from my upper loading days quite a while back since I wasn't recovering properly and, I was having the cramping issues. Will keep it out for a little while and revisit when I stall. I adjust for this by going up Tier in lower body only on my lower loading days.

Yates Row - 315*11, 365*7 drop set of dead stop rows to failure 135*14

Close grip Underhand pull down - 18*9, drop 10*9 long stretch followed by 45 seconds loaded stretch

Bb bench - 275 *7, 295*5 drop 225*6, 135*10, stretch pushup position for 45 second loaded stretch

DB Shoulder Press 2 count pause in stretch - 75*11, 75*8, 45 seconds loaded stretch

I've been dealing with a right wrist issue for about six weeks now. It bothers me quite a bit on free weight pressing which is part of the low numbers on flat bench and DB. The other part is I just haven't focused on those recently due to the injury. Will keep an eye on it.
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