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Originally Posted by Tank211 View Post
You look great brother! I really like your dietů.i follow a pretty similar diet. I definitely look forward to following your log!
Thanks and welcome aboard!

Pushed training back a little so I could have lunch with the wife. Will always choose the wife and lunch over training. Had a loaded baked potato with grilled chicken, no cheese, no butter, light sour cream.

Lower loading -

Hack - 10 plates *8,7 drop 4*failure

Lying leg curl - 130*11 drop 90*fail

Close feet machine leg press - 180*12 drop 120,fail

Good girls - 130*9 drop 90*fail

Calf Raise - 260*12, 11, 11,9

Upper pump after.

Wiped out. Stronger then expected but still pretty low numbers overall. Couple more weeks and we'll be back in the heavy weights.
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