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11-29-2018, 01:10 PM

Off today. The stairs are my enemy atm.....

Hack Squats are a love hate thing with me.... Nothing torches my quads when loading like hacks but damn are they rough on my knees. Between my quads and hamstrings being sore and my knees being achey I'm hobbling a tad bit today.

Got some shopping to do today since work has slowed down a tad and, hopefully I'll start to be able to get my regular naps in again. Last growing season I was able to get those in regularly every day after training almost and I believe they're a big reason why I did grow so much compared to the past.

I'm still "softening" a bit as the long ester stuff comes into play and the dryness of the short esters and minimal food go away but, very very full and round, feel ten times better and have a much more energy overall.
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