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02-07-2019, 08:59 PM

Originally Posted by buck1973 View Post
I been testin and chalenging him for years now , with mixed up samples, samples i dont identify any longer I have sent probally >250 samples to him to test. Truth is he has never miss ID'ED or ML. a sample and I do put a curveball in everyone.
so its possible he could come here and look at the labels, It would probally b easier to just run his tests on them...
Oh and a nother thing I do ID my curveballs to him after he gets them HMMMM mayb i have themm labeled backwards and thats my test this time.

Would he risk his reputation and or his business? and why would he do that seein he does do testin and has alot tyed up in equipment and education?

well we will see how it goes SHHHHHH
so they were sent out to jano?