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Gear depot review
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Gear depot review - 05-23-2019, 01:49 PM

I recently placed an order with gd and wanted to post my honest review. The ordering process thru his website is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. T\a was slower then i expect from a ********, i sent payment on the 6th and it was delivered on the 18th. His customer service is top-notch and he definitely made up for slower then average t\a with some freebies. I ordered test cyp and some anavar. I am going to do bloodwork at 4 weeks see where my level is at, but his cyp is crazy smooth i don't know what carrier he uses but it flowed thru a 31g as I do all my trt shots sub q in quads And glutes. And zero pip as well after 2 injections in the quad. So far so 👍, I also plan to send off some to jano for testing. Since I am on trt And get bloodwork every 3 months I always have to be cautious of my levels. I'll upload some pics later
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