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07-30-2005, 02:48 PM

Originally Posted by aaron
okay... so for beginning cycle i should look into Testosterone only and try to see how it effects my body. thank you! now can i get orals in that? that wont be too hard on my liver... or should i just get over the fear of needles and get testosterone injections?

my diet: i am a pesco-vegetarian (i have a strict seafood/fish diet). i dont eat red meat, pork, or chicken specifically. i run 2 miles every other night and i lift weights pretty much every night but switching up muscle groups every other time i work out.

If you decided to start a cycle you would have to get over your fear of needles and inject Test E or Test C, 2 times a week. You also need to research Post Cyle Therapy to keep what you have gained after your cycle. Blackbird brings up a very good point. Cycling is a big life style change. You need to be very serious about your nutrition and workouts. Honestly I am not familiar with vegetarian's who cycle. Your going to have to get some input from the vets here about that.

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