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Originally Posted by jrj
Sorry for the delayed response, been traveling for the last week.

I'm 49 years old and I've been feeling terrible lately, asked my doc to do some blood work and found my testosterone levels were about 275-Range was 250-1100. Doc says, well your in the range so you're fine. Started doing some research and found that that could definitely be considered Hypogonadism. Problem is its so hard to find doctors who are knowledgeable about the subject and who are willing to treat you. looked at the Antiaging clinics, however, they seem outrageously priced, and they don't accept insurance. Based on what I was able to find out it appears most people are put on about 100-200mg per week of test cyp, with HCG to prevent testicular atrophy, so I was considering working with it myself. Was concerned about ordering problems and seizures by customs, but, I guess thats a whole other issue.
I live in the UK so it is different as I assume you have to pay alot for medical prescriptions. If your level is 275 that is very low. Your right about most doctors not being knowledgeable. If you see other one they will probably advise completely different. If my levels were at that and I was at your age I would defo try TRT after proper medical advice though. Get tested again somewhere else and then get their opinion. Then do lots of research and decide for yourself.

If you decide on the green light for TRT then I would say 100mg of test C sounds about right. I was actually discussing this a few weeks ago on here with someone else. He was rec HCG most days which is terrible advice cos it is strong stuff and will rebound back. To prevent testicular atrophy then I would use a dose of 400-500IU every 7 days. So if they rec it 3-4 times weekly don't do that and simply do every 7 days. But take their advice on dosage (after tested again). But remember most stuff is overdosed so if it says 200mg per ml it is more likely 230-240mg. So just be careful if they advice you to do 200mg.. make the dose slightly lower cos doing 240 or even alittle more is alittle high for what you need. Saying that with the long estered you don't get the full 200mg of real test when you inject more like 70% but the full 100% with the likes of Test S.

Good thing is if they advise you then the prices will likely be huge again just use a board sponsor (but use their rec). That because it is totally different getting it locally in the US from a clinic etc as opposed to using a reputable online site (cheap cos test and other compounds aren't very expensive to make but they mark the price up huge in clinics etc).

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