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Raj been doing more research and I am definately gonan get some. I owuld have done more but my comp is so slow... me thinks the huge amounts of porn.

It strange cos M2 is alot stronger than 1 so effects will be seen straightaway as in your case. But most take it for huge amount of time (months, years). There is even a huge forum on just M1 and M2. It had lots of good info and b4 and after pics. It mentions all the sides etc. Good thing I am taking it after my cycle cos the increased libido would not be good at this time... I will probably end up grapping some lady in the street cos it is off the scale now! An interesting one is (and very common) darkened facial hair, eyebrows, eyelashes even. It's strange as my dad and bro are very dark and my mum is pale with brown hair and my sis pale with black hair. I am more like my mum but still not very pale I have brown hair and very dark eyebrows (which I really like)- so I don't want them going any darker cos that will look silly. Like many men I have brown stubble but ginger in it so looking forward to that going dark! The above are all strange sides and they may not happen but only one way to find out.

The doses you stated are spot on and most usually do that for a few weeks then go onto a maintenance dose of 2 injections weekly instead of the daily ones. Becuase you have only used it once I will copy and paste some things that may be of interest to you.

Melanotan may be an effective preventative treatment for people at risk for skin cancer. That is good as it runs in my family.

Clinical trials to determine efficacy of the drugs have typically used dosages up to 0.21mg/kg daily for Melanotan (16mg for a 75kg (165lb) individual), and up to 0.03mg/kg daily for Melanotan II (2.25mg for a 75kg (165lb) individual). More typically however, trials have used the dosages of 0.16mg/kg (12mg) and 0.025mg/kg (1.875mg) respectively. At this level of dosage, one such study involving Melanotan indicated the following incidences of side effects from subjects:

Nausea 85%
Facial Flushing 75%
Fatigue 44%
Vomiting 26%
Injection site reactions 13%
Zero incidence of erections
No change in vital signs or haematological parameters, blood biochemistry (liver and renal function)

Both MT and MT II can be used for extended periods, whereby there is an initial daily administration of perhaps 2-3 weeks or until desired level of pigmentation has been achieved, followed by a maintenance phase of two injections per week.

An example of a good solution would be to mix 10mg of Melanotan II powder with 4ml of bacteriostatic water. This now provides:

10mg/4ml or 1mg/0.4ml or 0.25mg/0.1ml

0.1ml can be accurately measured using a 0.5ml or 1ml syringe.

Obviously, as your dosages become higher, you may dilute subsequent vials with lower amounts of water to reduce the volume of each shot. I would recommend that when you are using a dosage of 1mg, you reconstitute the vial with 1ml or 2ml of water so that each shot will be 0.1ml or 0.2ml respectively.

I know you know everything about doses etc but just included the above cos I think that is how I will do it (and anyone who wants to do it).

I have just found 10ml for 30. But will search more cos I wanna get 30ml and that was just a single seller offering one set of 10ml. Gonna start it a few weeks b4 my holiday then be on a maintenance dose during my holiday. I will be off cycle too so I won't have to do numerous injections each day.

Just wondering but did you just inject in the abs? Or did you use any other ares. Thanks again.

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