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05-16-2008, 08:24 PM

Alpha I just wanna ask other question regarding this and other thread this week. You know you said about the 6 on, 3-4 pct, 2-3 off and 1 week off everything. I don't get what you mean cos I would have thought the above simply means 6 on and 3-4 pct and the then 2 or so off everything. Anyway what do you think of the below for a PCT (starting just after last injection) regime on a 6 week cycle. Basically looking at the table above but shortening the time scale due to the shorter cycle. Bare in mind that probably test p would be picked.

week 01 ARIM at 0.5mg PROV 50mg (am/pm)
week 02 ARIM at 0.5mg PROV 50mg (am/pm)
week 03 ----- PROV 50mg (am/pm) NOLV at 20mg
week 04 ----- PROV 50mg (am/pm) NOLV at 20mg
week 05 ----- ----- NOLV at 20mg
week 06 ----- ----- NOLV at 10mg

Saying that if I done the likes of dbol for I would most likely take adex throughout the actual cycle at 0.5mg.

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