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Originally Posted by Alien
What needle is more comfortable? 25, 29 or 30? Iím relatively new and Iím afraid of pain. Do you know how can I make my injection without pain?
I know everyone has to start off somewhere but if your think like then gear is not for you. Even if there was alittle bit of pain who cares... you are pumping heavy weights in the gym and should be a grown man if doing AAS.

I said the above cos you said about pain.... I know many are freaked out about the needles at the start and that is understandable (they make most feel weird)... all I can say after the first one you will realize there was no point in worrying. But you need to research lots and make sure you know the correct procedures for injections.

It all depends upon what you are injecting. By the way what are you planning to inject into your body? How old are you? How many years solid training do you have behind you?

The lower the G the wider the needle. Most use 23/25/26 etc. And length well that isn't so important and can depend upon your actual size. Like you could use a long needle but just go half in etc. The best would be 1 inch or 5/8 for most. If doing glutes then atleast 1 inch. My fav is personally quite wide at 21g and 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 length.

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