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08-09-2008, 08:11 PM

Originally Posted by ghanabuff
Does Anyone Have Experience With Running Tren E With Test E?? What Were The Gains Like?? Were There Any Sides That Were Too Much To Deal With?? I Can't Get Sust Which I Prefer Over Test E, Test E Promotes Alot Of Wtare Retention, But I Can Deal With That So I'll Go With Test E...i Read It's Harmful To Use Nolvadex As A Pct, After A Cycle Consisting Of Tren E Is This True?? I Want To Put On 8-12 Lbs Of Lean Muscle, I Like This Cycle But I Am Open To Other Suggestins, I Want To Run An 8-10 Week Cycle, So Eq May Be Out Of The Question, Because I Don't Want To Run This Cycle Too Long.

TEST AND TREN make a super cycle, IF diet and training are on.
use your standard NOLVA/CLOMID for PCT.
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