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Originally Posted by ghanabuff
when u ran both how did u feel overall? how were the sides, acne?? hairloss??.. "nut" shrinkage??? how long did u run it for???
I have ran tren e before... only for just over 6 weeks at about 300-350mg per week. Well the nut shrinkage is gonna come about with the tren and test so you have HCG for that. Acne for me didn't come about.. the odd spot but nothing major. But with something like that (and anything) it is entirely individual (you could break out). Sides... my cardio was negatively effected but nothing major. Now you come to hairloss... tren is one of thre worst things you can take for hairloss. If your worried about hair loss you should stay away. But you can say that about some of the things you have taken in the past and you was fine wasn't you. I was losing my hair anyway and actually prefer it that way so I wasn't bothered... but yeah a few cycles of tren, adrol and test etc made my hair go bye bye.

Like I said tren a is slightly more effective that e. But you can say that about any short estered compound. Overall I would say trenbolone is an awesome compound. Besides test it is most peoples fav compound imo.

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