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Methandriol dipropionate
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Methandriol dipropionate - 08-14-2004, 12:38 AM

Methandriol (MAD) is not really an actual steroid. It's more of a prohormone. Its only illegal because it's either esterized or methylated, both practices declaring any steroidal substance illegal by the catch clause for schedule III drugs. But basically its 5-androstene-3beta, 17beta-diol, better known as 5AD. A prohormone that is legally available in pure form and a rather weak one at that.

Being a prohormone it means it needs to interact with an enzyme to form the active substrate. In this case 5AD is a testosterone precursor, but it only yields about 0.19% of testosterone upon interaction with the 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme1 it uses to convert. So in terms of active anabolic compounds you see MAD is weaker than weak. Even in legal circles 5AD isn't really used very often because there are better substances available. So what's really the use of MAD? Well it seems 5AD is a potent estrogen agonist. That means it doesn't necessarily act as an estrogen and it certainly doesn't convert to an estrogen, but that it increases the effect of circulating estrogens from other compounds. This makes MAD quite capable of increasing bulk weight (water and/or fat) quite well when stacked with a substance that aromatizes heavily, such as methandrostenolone or testosterone. As we discussed in the profile on boldenone (Equipoise) estrogen contributes to the storing of glycogen, the release of GH and IGF-1 in the body. It also upgrades the androgen receptor. Possibly delivering greater results from AR-mediating compounds. Trenbolone, testosterone, drostanolone...

One thing also noted with the use of 5AD prohormones is that they increase the conversion of the 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase enzyme in one direction. In legal circles its therefore often stacked with other diol compounds to increase their yield of active substrate. With steroids it may be useful in increasing the amount of activation of compounds compared to deactivation at this enzyme. DHT's such as mesterolone and drostanolone are often deactivated by this enzyme into 5-alpha-androstanes. 5AD use may keep a higher amount of these compounds active.

5AD also possesses an immune system upgrading effect. For people prone to disease easily, especially on low-calorie diets, 5AD may provide some relief. Perhaps by increasing white blood cells, though the mechanism isn't entirely clear.

The downsides are quite clear. By itself it has no real anabolic activity other than that mediated by already existing estrogens. This also means that in high doses (exceeding 50 mg daily) its quite prone to causing estrogenic effects such as gynocomastia. I know of a few people that used a high dose of this substance to increase immunity and developed gyno problems. One might imagine that using a mix of an aromatase blocker (Proviron/cytadren) and an estrogen receptor antagonist (clomid/Nolvadex) may provide relief if it weren't for two things. The first being that its simply not anabolic enough for you to spend more money on and the second being that all the anabolic effects that it does have are mediated by estrogen. Making anti-estrogen use rather counter-productive.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to use this compound really. Not in this day and age anyway. One thing I have tried to find out, but couldn't quite substantiate is whether or not the injected version (dipropionate) is also 17-alpha-alkylated, like the oral version. The methyl group in its structure indicates it is, but I have my doubts as this characteristic (being 17a alkylated) would make it virtually impossible, or very hard at least to allow double esterification (the addition of di-propionate). But as I stated, I wasn't able to find out.

Stacking and Use:

Methandriol is mostly found as a 17-alpha-alkylated oral, meaning the time-span of its use is limited due to hepatoxicity. After a stack with such a compound one might want to stack a number of proven liver protectors such as P450, milk thistle and Vitamin B6. The reason I do not recommend you take them while taking an oral methylated or ethylated steroid is because they obviously fortify the liver and may increase the hepatic breakdown of your oral compounds. Secondary drugs with methandriol are not wishful. Its not a strong androgen of its own, and most of its anabolic effects are mediated by agonizing estrogen. So while stacking an anti-aromatase or estrogen antagonist may help relieve estrogen-related conditions, it also totally negates any use you may have for this substance.

One would preferably stack this with an aromatizable compound is the logical conclusion. Testosterone (250-750 mg per week) being the prime candidate since it aromatizes well allowing the methandriol to execute its primary function, and is adequately androgenic through its conversion at the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme (to form DHT) that it can benefit from methandriol's ability to upgrade the androgen receptor. Those who fear estrogenic effects, may prefer a mildly aromatizing hormone such as boldenone (300-400 mg per week) better, though one has to wonder about the use of a moderate compound like boldenone by itself, since the methandriol has no real addition of its own to make.

Methandriol is rarely sold or found these days, whereas its still easy to obtain. The reason is that a number of legal variations have surfaced over the years. Now these prohormones (5AD) were often considered inferior due to low availability but in the mean time an etherized (attaching an ether instead of an ester) form has become available that gives it adequate bio-availability in higher doses (400-500 mg a day), still amounting to no more than the price of proper methandriol, minus the hepatoxicity.

The use of an estrogen antagonist such as clomid or Nolvadex after a cycle to bring back natural test is highly recommended, due to the high levels of active post-cycle estrogen in the body at that time. Using Nolvadex for 3-4 weeks at a tapering dose of 40,30,20 lowering the dose every 7-8 days would be adequate to help you bring back natural test and retain more gains.


1 Blaquier J., Forchielli E. and Dorfman R., Acta Endocrinologica, 55, 697-704

-Peter Van Mol
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