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Slaying The Elephant In The Room
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Slaying The Elephant In The Room - 05-21-2012, 06:32 AM

By: Kevon Levrone
May 2nd, 2012

Talking about roids once and for all so you can stop asking.

The expression, “elephant in the room,” is defined as an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. I hate these kinds of elephants, and it’s the job of a good journalist to slay these elephants.

In the bodybuilding
industry, the elephant is steroids. The industry avoids talking about it, but fans and bodybuilders at all levels have no problem asking about it.

The most common fan question that comes in is something like:

“Hey Kev, why don’t the pros talk about the best way to take roids? It would be great if you step up and talk openly about it, we just want to know the truth, that’s all.”

I hate elephants, so I’m going to use this opportunity to slay the steroid elephant once and for all – as it pertains to me anyway.

This officially represents the LIMIT I’m willing to go when it comes to talking steroids. Once you read this, PLEASE, never litter my inbox again with questions about steroids. This is as far as I go.

First, a few words in defense of the industry (which I respect) and its many ambassadors, by way of an analogy to the music industry.

As we all know, rock and rap musicians like their drugs. Rolling Stone magazine isn’t stupid enough to pretend otherwise. They’d probably even admit that drug abuse, sadly, plays an integral roll. However, Rolling Stone is under no obligation to tell its readers how to take drugs. And neither are the rock stars or concert promoters. Aside from being dangerous and illegal information, it would be pointless.

Drugs without hard work and talent amount to nothing. Drug abuse is not an
exact science – it’s risky, and everyone reacts differently. Taking drugs won’t earn you a gold record or an IFBB pro card, unless you’re already a remarkable specimen with an insane work ethic and tremendous luck.

I know the rock & roll analogy isn’t perfect. Which is why I’m going to toss you a few bones…er, a few facts, rather, not unlike the rap sheet of street drugs your teachers covered in high school health class. It’s neither an endorsement, nor a menu for what I personally did, and it’s all I’ll ever say on the subject. Here goes…

Bodybuilders who take roids generally do it in two cycles: bulking phase in the months leading up to a show, and cutting phase, which can be the last six weeks before a show.

Some drugs are injected, which can cause abscesses or embolisms; and some are swallowed, which can cause profound liver damage if taken in the wrong doses, or for too long. Most advanced users will combine the two approaches at once.

Bodybuilders who use drugs under the guidance of a DOCTOR are at a huge advantage in terms of long-term health. The physician can be a close friend or family member willing to bend the rules as the lesser of
two evils: they can’t stop the user from using, but at least they can stop him from dying.

A bulking cycle can involve the abuse of Anadrol, Deca and some form of testosterone…perhaps a mixed testosterone, like Sustanine 250.

A cutting cycle can include the abuse of Anavar, Winstrol V, i.e., elements that can work with very low calories and don’t cause you to retain water.

Clenbuterol/aspirin is something that is abused during the cutting phase, as it can thin the skin and boost the heart rate. Today, legal fat burners can be found at the MD supplement store that are safer and work fine.

Human growth hormone builds mass but causes water retention that tortoise-shaped distended-stomach look that has Michelangelo rolling in his grave.

Nolvadex is an estrogen blocker taken concurrently with the bulking and cutting cycles, to help reduce side-effects and increase the effects of steroids.

Demadex is a fast-acting diuretic that works quickly, even when abused the night before a show – a nice product if you live to tell about it. This bodybuilder cheated death a few times. You might not be so lucky.

If the above list slay the elephant by way of stating facts. Bottom line:
yes, some bodybuilders use steroids. (Duh.)

I used steroids in moderation, and one of the main reasons I lost up to 30 lbs in the off season is because I had no interest in putting any more of that swill into my body than necessary to win shows. I would take truckloads of liver pills, drink oceans of water and pray for my life.

Today I use Life Force MD Bio Identical Hormone Replacement a safe, legal route to maximizing my gains. I can get shockingly close to emulating the effects of anabolic steroids, without the risks or illegalities.

When it comes to getting huge and ripped, steroids should be on the bottom of your checklist, or not on it at all. There’s tons of stuff to consider first. Training, nutrition, water, rest, supplements, and the controlled insanity
of needing to be the best – a mental state that I explore deeply.

Mentally, you may have more in common with an IFBB Hall of Fame legend than you thought.

I Have The Best Overall Record In Body Building History To Date, IFBB Hall Of Famer, CEO Of Levrone Formula Inc., Founding Member Of Life Force MD, Editor-in-Chief of Levrone Report, 100% Health and Mostly Very Proud Dad. Success Is In You Not A Bottle Or Pill You Take.


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