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wesmantooth 06-20-2013 12:18 PM

First "blast" advice
I am on TRT. Prescribed for 200mg/wk but I'm only taking 100 at the moment. Along with 250ius twice a week of HCG and .25 Arimidex EOD.

I recently found out I was born with only one kidney. It is apparently fairly common. Doc was not concerned and said I didn't have to alter TRT, high protein diet, lifting, lifestyle, etc. Tests have always come back good with the exception of elevated BUN which he says is just due to higher protein intake.

Hypothetically if one were to very lightly test the waters with these issues, would
a short blast for 8-10 weeks be better with just bumping up test to 500mg/wk or keeping all low doses but more compounds with test at 100/wk and adding in either 100/wk tren ace or some mast p or both?

Or abandon all thoughts of this and question ones motives in life?

Bfit247 06-20-2013 12:30 PM

I would stay away from tren... maybe low doses of mast and primo. Definitely make sure you are drinking plenty of water!

Anavar would be a good addition.
But as long as you are getting you blood work done. And everything looks good then I say you will be fine!

Test C @200-300mg per wk
Mast E @200-400mg per wk
Primo E @200-400mg per wk
Var @ 40-80mg per day

Run this for 12-16wks
var first 4wks or last 4wks
or first and last 4wks

I think you will see great results from this!

FordFan 06-20-2013 02:02 PM

If it was me, I would keep things very conservative first time. 200mg test per week with 100mg mast e per week. Check your bloods. If all are stable to on

wesmantooth 06-20-2013 03:31 PM

I'm prescribed 200mg/wk of test and that didn't cause any issues. I just voluntarily cut it back to 100/wk because that still keeps me in the 600s and I think I'll like small blasts of more and using the 100/wk during cruises.

Hydration is always on point. Minimum of a gallon a day. Most days closer to 2. Religiously get bloodwork every three months.

I know some guys are adding low dose tren to TRT and that's why I asked about it. I thought with the dose so low it may not be bad. I've heard it can be pretty rough though.

Thanks for the input, guys!

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