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Oxymetholone - 03-14-2005, 11:55 AM


By Robi Babic

The following article was motivated by some of the trends currently manifested in our sport. It seems that success (competitive or otherwise) in the sport is always associated with enormous use of various anabolic agents, especially the more exotic ones. One such substance is oxymetholone (trade name Anadrol, Anapolon, Hemogenin).

The usual gym intro goes like this: it is the strongest oral anabolic steroid, expected gains border on science fiction (a pound a day or more), side effects are serious (possible liver cancer), and it is most certainly necessary for competitive success (it literally creates champion bodybuilders). Such statements are more or less poppycock.

First, let's explore its legitimate medical use. Oxymetholone was originally used by patients suffering from anemia. It stimulates the production of erythropoietin, and is extremely effective, although relatively toxic. It is the only steroid which is conclusively linked with cancer. While available, it was also very cheap. In recent years, it has become rather obsolete, as a new drug named EPO was developed for treating conditions related to anemia. EPO is a favorite of professional bicyclists, and is also used by high-level amateur and professional bodybuilders during contest preparation. Pharmaceutical companies prefer to distribute (one might even say PUSH) EPO rather than oxymetholone, as the former generates greater profits. So, the legitimate production of oxymetholone has dropped considerably, in some parts of the world it has ceased altogether. This situation has created problems for a lot of athletes, and the lack of availability is probably a causative factor behind the hype surrounding oxymetholone.

Athletes (recreational and professional) usually praise substances that are not readily available. In most cases, however, the hype does not hold water. Yes, these hard-to-find drugs do produce results, but laws of supply and demand makes them very expensive. Then there is a problem with fakes. High demand exceeds supply by far, so the floor is set for crooks to make a buck and naīve, mostly recreational athletes make it even easier for them to succeed in their dirty job.

Some of my acquaintances are perfect examples of such trends: one competitive bodybuilder cannot afford growth hormone, so its absence from this guys stack is the reason why he cannot make a breakthrough in his development. Another one uses everything he can get his hands on. He went even so far and gained 28 kilograms (62 pounds) in 32 days (against my advice - using shotgun approach), and then had the nerve to call for my advice when the side effects became too serious. Very few people can endure such rapid weight gain without ill effects. Needless to say, his gain was mostly water and upon cessation of the cycle (if it can be called a cycle), his weight quickly evaporated. This just goes to show you that FAST is going to get you nowhere. Unquestionably, anadrol is an effective steroid for sheer mass, but it is not my top choice for several reasons. First, it is not suitable for stacking. Anecdotal reports suggest that when anadrol is used on its own (monotherapy), side effects should not cause substantial problems (unless you are genetically sensitive individual). There is the flu-like effect and water retention (possible hypertension), maybe some acne, headaches, hair thinning, and possible gynecomastia but all these side effects are cosmetic and do not severely affect the health of the user. The picture changes once anadrol is part of a stack. Liver function is usually greatly compromised (hepatitis, jaundice), and if the individual decides to stay on the compound for extended periods (or has high frequency of using the compound), permanent pathological liver changes are possible, including liver cancer (hepatocarcinoma). Water retention related hypertension is increased, and risk of gynecomastia is drastically increased as well. All these side effects usually accompany stacks containing anadrol, sometimes regardless of the cumulative dosage of steroids per unit of time (this phenomenon is odd, as the side effects seem to be of similar intensity, using either 500mg of steroids per week, or 2000mg or more of steroids per week, as long as oxymetholone is part of the stack). Consequently, I do not suggest that my clients use anadrol, at least not in stacks. It also has to be pointed out that anadrol should not be in the drug arsenal of the recreational bodybuilder, this drug has significant enough health risk that it should be reserved for top bodybuilders and athletes. Forget reports that Chris Duffy (in his pre-porn days) used 10 anadrols daily, on top of 2000mg testosterone weekly, in addition to his purported massive use of clenbuterol. Such quantities are vastly exaggerated (or he is a genetic miracle, or had extremely well designed all-round protection program against side effects while using such stack, or both).

Another problem I see with anadrol is its availability. A healthy amount of mysticism is wrapped around anadrol. Most athletes that do not have the access to the drug firmly believe that should they somehow attain a sufficient quantity of the drug, their bodybuilding progress would change overnight. Often times, failure to acquire thus drug is the reason they attribute their lack of meaningful progress in their physiques. Most of the oxymetholone on the black market is fake anyway. And even if one is lucky enough to discover a reliable source of legitimate drug, its price is hardly worth its effects. Yes, you will gain mass, but not a pound or more daily for the first few weeks on the drug (as reported in several popular publications). The same results can be attained by using injectable testosterone in upwards of gram quantities weekly, and injectable testosterone, even a dosages of 1 g a week, if far less toxic than using anadrol.

Lets discuss anadrols strength. Oxymetholone has very poor receptor binding ability, so it has to be manufactured in 50mg per unit (tablet) to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. A comparison (milligram per milligram) of oxymetholone with methandrostenolone (DIANABOL) would reveal a similar strength and anabolic effect per each milligram. Keep in mind, that for every tablet of anadrol (50mg), you would have to ingest 10 tablets of dianabol (5mg). This quantity probably negates any financial benefit on the part of dianabol, but at least accessibility of dianabol is not a problem. At such quantity side effects of dianabol would be comparative to that of anadrol. On a mg per mg basis, Another problem with anadrol is its yo-yo effect (fluctuations in bodyweight). Once the compound is discontinued, the weight-loss is rapid, affecting the psychological as well as physical status of the trainee. This in turn drives the athlete to prematurely engage in another unnecessary or counterproductive cycle.

To avoid such problems, one should implement a strong injectable androgen (usually testosterone), upon cessation of monotherapy with anadrol. The testosterone should then be replaced with a high dose mild anabolic in conjunction with heavy anti-estrogen therapy and finally, its dosage should then be tapered off. This strategy will ensure that most of the gains will be kept in transition and consequent "off" period.

Questions and comments:
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03-14-2005, 01:24 PM

side effects are serious (possible liver cancer), Is it really all that serious if not then why do people make it such a big friggen deal?
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03-15-2005, 09:51 AM

Originally Posted by Jaysonl1424
side effects are serious (possible liver cancer), Is it really all that serious if not then why do people make it such a big friggen deal?
taken in moderation anadrol is not a big deal but where the problem arrises is if you go overboard with it. if you drink heavily or use rec drugs then the anadrol will greatly enhance the damage done to your liver.
the biggest issue with steroids is that because of their status here in the usa, the only studies done with them are usually ones done involving aids patients. it would be very hard to justify legally to do a study involving steroids on healthy people since they are only approved here in the usa for use on aids patients. because of this the only studies in existance only show people who are in poor health already from the aids visus so we really dont know the full affects on steroids to healthy individuals. i will say though that anadrol has been given to aids patients as high as 200mg ed for 6 months with very little increases in their liver values but if you are4 a weekend drinker and already are taxing your liver, it may have a much worse affect.
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