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at the crossroad and could use some words of wis***
Posts: 3
Join Date: Dec 2014
at the crossroad and could use some words of wis*** - 01-24-2015, 06:44 PM

greetings fellas-
40, 6'0'. 228lbs. +/- 17% bmi
been very athletic and in and out of the gym my whole life. been back at it for over a year hardcore this time. diet is good. all real clean. 5 to 6 a day, trying as hard as I can to eat right cause I know that is a big factor. lots of eggs, chicken, tuna, turkey, rice, oats ect. very regimented on my pre and post sups. train 6x a week, up at 4:30 every morning and get my ass in the gym and do work. lots of old school iron work.

just got done with my first cycle of Cyp. 12 weeks at 500 a week. loved every day of it. had solid gains in size, strength, energy, stamina, ect. ran Adex eod. I feel like I did the right amount of research and had some good "broscience" given to me. I have a pct protocol in place (the standard... Clomid, Nolva, Anast) and on hand. 1 week since last pin. So this is where im at.
My dilemma is that I look back at my years from 30 to 40 and I can for sure pick out definite signs of low T. and now that ive been on the T train for the last 12 weeks I don't want off. ive researched the blast and cruise route and always said I just want to do this right and do proper pct. but ive heard and read so many people just do pct once and never again. so I ask my self, why run pct to try and bring something back that wasn't there in the first place? im not the least interested in having another child. been snipped and done with that. so does anyone have any recommendations? another biggie is that ive very recently just got back with the love of my life, and the things ive heard about libido/performance on pct is NO Bueno. ive been superman for the last 12 weeks and don't need any surprises with her and I getting back together. got to keep stuff proper. anyway. I truly appreciate the wis*** and assistance that I have and hope to get from this board and all of you. RESPECT...
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chrisr116's Avatar
Posts: 3,788
Join Date: Nov 2012
01-24-2015, 06:57 PM

Well, at your age trt is a possiblilty, depending on where your body is naturally. What I would do is finish your pct and give it a little time and then go in and get blood work done and see where your t levels are. That way you will know for sure.
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Posts: 3
Join Date: Dec 2014
01-24-2015, 08:13 PM

That's what the angel on one shoulder has been telling me to do.. but that devil on the other side says keep it rollin. Thanks for the info. I haven't started my pct just yet. Only been 7 days from my last pin. Was gonna wait 12 to 14.
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Super Moderator
Posts: 2,286
Join Date: Oct 2012
01-25-2015, 02:00 PM

I agree with Chrisr...Do your PCT and wait at least a month and then get your blood work done.

The part about this being your first cycle and not wanting to come off...This is what happens to 99% of everyone who tries gear! I can't count the number of people over the years that have said, 'I just want to do a cycle.' It's never just one. Before you make any decisions, keep researching. For many people, their first cycle is the best!
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