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  • 1 Post By Magnus82

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Is this correct Melanotan 2 cycle? Type 1-2
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Is this correct Melanotan 2 cycle? Type 1-2 - 10-22-2015, 08:59 AM

Hi all

Just placed an order for 20mg of Melanotan 2

I've spent hours researching and reading reviews from similar skin types (type 1-2, freckles and easily burnt but dark eyes and hair).

I have read how jumping straight into 1mg/day can cause freckles/moles to darken alot quicker than the skin tans and to avoid this do 0.25mg/day and slowly increase.

Here is my cycle plan, please could some experienced users of MT2 give me their opinions/advice.

(shitty english weather makes it hard to get good sun exposure, but will try when I can)

Day 1-7: 0.25mg before bed - 5min sunbed x4/week

Day 7-14: 0.5mg before bed - 10min sunbed x3/week

Day 14+: If not achieved desired tan then 1mg/day until desired color is reached


QUESTION 1: Is that the "loading phase" complete? And then just maintenance from then on?

QUESTION 2: Can anyone recommend a "maintenance cycle" ? I was thinking just 1mg Monday and Friday?

QUESTION 3: Am I understanding the measurements correctly - I plan to put 5ml sterile water with the 10mg of melanotan 2... That gives me 2mg:1ml ?? So 1/8th on syringe = 0.25mg? 1/4 = 0.5mg etc ?

QUESTION 4: Is it safe to store the un-mixed powder anywhere other than a freeze?
And the mixed solution anywhere other than a fridge? (Would rather hide this from my house mates)

QUESTION 5: If certain areas start tanning quicker than others, should I just apply sunblock to them when in sunbed?

QUESTION 6: Should I be wearing any creams/oils anyway when tanning?

- Thanks in advance
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10-27-2015, 12:04 AM

Since no one more knowledgeable than me has chimed in, this is what I know. I am a MT2 user, but I am all but olive skinned and almost never burn.

First, your moles and such WILL darken more than the rest of you, no matter what you do. I am not sure about freckles since I have none, but all my moles turned black. Luckily, I have almost none of them.

Since you easily burn, I would do 2 weeks at 5 mins, then 2 weeks at 7 mins, then add two minutes to each session each week after that until you reach your desired coloration. Ramping up the dosage just like you have it is smart, but I would keep the same dose for 2 weeks and increase it when you increase the minutes in the bed. Some people get sick at 1mg, but if you slowly ramp it up like you plan you should be fine. Expect to get erectionsfar easier when on MT2.

I always heard to inject the MT2 about an hour before hitting the tanning bed, so that is what I do. During the loading phase you will inject even if you are not tanning. Time of day does not matter.

To your questions:

1. Yes, that is the loading phase.

2. Once you reach your desired coloration, you will shift to the maintenance phase. I would start with 0.5mg twice a week and see how your skin reacts to it. For me, I actually only take 0.5mg once every three weeks and my skin stays a lovely caramel color. You will certainly need more than me, though. If you notice the color slipping, increase to 1mg twice a week and you should be good.

3. You will have 2mg/ml. The amount on your syringe depends on its size. A standard 1ml insulin syringe will give you the amounts you mentioned.

4. You can store the freeze dried powder safely in a cool, dark place. Just keep in mind it will last a LONG time in the fridge, and all but forever in the freezer. The mixed solution is a lot less stable, but at the amounts you are using you will go through them pretty quickly. Again, a cool and dark place will work, though the fridge or freezer is the best choices. I personally prefill a ton of insulin pins and freeze them. I move them to the fridge a few days before I want to use them. But since you need to be discrete, you cannot do that. So yeah, keep both in a cool, dark place. Just know that the longer the prefilled pins sit there the weaker they will get.

5. Everywhere should tan the same - at least I have never heard of some areas tanning faster than others in any of the posts I have read. But if they do, then certainly use sunblock to even things out.

6. Oils or creams are not needed, but they are useful in keeping your skin moist and therefor prevent it from drying out and potentially flaking off or peeling. With your skin type, a nice tanning oil will probably help you. Again, it is not needed, so if you do not use one, make sure you put moisturizer on your skin after you shower.
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10-27-2015, 07:02 PM

We answered his question in another thread. I thought it looked familiar
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