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Donating Member
Posts: 48
Join Date: Feb 2018
02-14-2018, 02:30 PM

I personally would prefer accurate dosing or "close" b/c I'm trying to balance Test levels, estrogen levels and my rise in hematocrit or how much does adding Mast reduce my need for an AI ... so for me accuracy matters.

But yes, for the most part the target audience wants as much chemical as possible for as little cost as possible so the higher the better bang for the buck is what most will prefer
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Registered User
Posts: 36
Join Date: Mar 2013
02-14-2018, 10:29 PM

Thanks to technological advances we can finally hold sponsors accountable. What's the point of the label if what's inside is different. Having grossly under or over dosed gear to me is as bad as having bunk, or a different compound in the vial. Let's forget about dosing or compounds. Something as simple as mislabeling the carrier oil can be extremely dangerous. I know for a fact that arachis oil is often used as a carrier oil. Arachis is another name for peanut oil. If someone with a peanut allergy injects this . its lights out! Long story short, sponsors should be forced to correctly label all products and if they don't they should be banned.
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Registered User
Posts: 43
Join Date: Feb 2018
02-20-2018, 02:49 PM

I am glad we came to a day where product is overdosed. Ive had underdosed ugl test that caused major damage during a cycle. I agree to an extent about your point in overdosing but my expectancies for ******** ugls are very low also. If i had to chose would be overdosed any day

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Registered User
Posts: 95
Join Date: Apr 2017
11-21-2018, 09:44 PM

Rather have overdosed versus underdosed

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Donating Member
Posts: 66
Join Date: Nov 2017
11-30-2018, 06:35 AM

Ya some guys like overdosed gear until they go to the doctor and your blood is super thick and your having problems with your prostate cause you thought you were doing 200mg wk but really is 300mg wk or possibly even more. What I'm saying is we all feel good on the outside but in reality we are having health issiues like for example you go to the bathroom to take a piss and it takes 5 min cause it's just dripping out and feels like your done but your not and your like WTF is going on and its cause of your prostate from overdosed test. This is why its extremely important to get bloodwork atleast once a month if guys are living this lifestyle. Some guys spend thousands of dollars on gear but wont buy a full panel blood test

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Donating Member
Posts: 45
Join Date: Nov 2018
11-30-2018, 12:15 PM

TRT or Cycle, I want it at least +/- 5% of label.

Even on a blast, it can get too much. Take 500mg per ml test. Let's say it's 536mg, and your dosing 150mg EOD, add in the overdose and little draw error (not accounting that .15ml in the leur tip.

You can be running alot more than expected.
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Posts: 16
Join Date: Feb 2019
Yesterday, 01:29 PM

Originally Posted by LATS View Post
Let me play Devils advocate for a moment.. Say a person wants to run 200mgs if test for trt purposes or a bridge.. He believes he is running 200 mgs.. But in reality he maybe running 300 mgs.. Now in my case the difference in estro related symptoms from an additional 100mgs can be felt.. At 200 mgs i need aromasin three times a week at 12.5 mgs.. ( been doing this forever) .. Now I can tell you when I bridge I run / reduce to 300 mgs and my estro greatly increases.. From lab work I have i now need 12.5 mgs of aromasin a day to keep me around 35 e2.. In other words double..

We are seeing numerous people posts tests in testosterone levels from running trt.. Or what they believe is trt.. These totals in their blood work are extreme for trt.. Yet the individual praises the " gear" as being powerful and high quality.. But the gear is not accurate.. This can lead to inaccurate expectations of accurately dosed gear.. And the need for additional supplements to counter it.. " this gear from xyz is crap" or maybe it's accurately dosed and you have been getting overdosed gear..
Perfectly said

If I buy something, I expect to get what is advertised. I understand there are always unintentional discrepancies. For non pharmaceutical grade anabolics I think a 10% error range is acceptable. 100mg stuff might be 90-110, 250mg might be 225 to 275. I expect this since they arent made in multi million dollar facilities.

I plan what I use and way overdosed stuff is not cool. There is always a reason I pick what dose and if it's too far off it can mess everything up, like in the example I quoted.
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