View Full Version : AnaSCI Interview: Lightning Fast (Suppliers Corner)

12-01-2013, 12:33 PM
Interview by: turbobusa

turbobusa: I’m talking with Zeusmorph today. I know you have great products and service. can you give me some insight on the how’s and whys that brought you here to us at Anasci?

ZM: Sure we'll here it goes a little insight Lightning and I are partners. His initial love was growth and then him and I partnered up and we decided to do anabolics side to the business. He was originally partnered up with toro however only thru growth and that soon fizzled out. I myself had been partnered before with a couple of other sponsors and kept that out of the public eye some of the best that PM has had over the years I cut ties with them and decided not do it anymore but then lightning came a long and we forged a great friendship and we formed the anabolics side of the business thru the relentless pursuit to be the best and with our combined efforts and marketing strategies accompanied with top shelf cutting edge products (coconut oil and blends) and not to mention our customer service we have managed to become one the top sponsors on several boards. We see each other on a daily basis and brainstorm new ways of making the business even better while maintaining a high level of security. We honestly keep it fun because there is just to much testosterone and drama going on with scammers and the like. We really want everyone to now that we are not going anywhere we are tried, tested and have a true genuine passion for this business and we love the fact that competitors on our products win! We want the customers to be has happy as we are when they use our products. It's simple for us we put out the best to gain loyalty and we are doing this from a longevity stand point

turbobusa: Very cool! I get the vibe that you are lifers with the iron?

ZM: You are vibing right! Lightning myself and the our newest member Farm77 at Lightning fast all spend as much free time as we are able hammering the iron just like the rest of you. We have a new IFBB pro on board that will be using our assistance for the 2014 pro shows coming up. We'd like to have one of our own onstage at the Olympia in 2014.

turbobusa: wow I like that! That must be the iron in your blood.

ZM: You know what bro, it comes down to striving to be the best. We at Lightning love to see people meet and exceed goals. It feels good to be involved. We are here because our love of the iron sport/art and our biz allows us to live it every day. Ever heard the saying Oh lucky me my work is play?

turbobusa: Actually yes I have . Think it was in a Ted Nugent song.

ZM: Well there you go! That makes things so much easier when
you love what you are doing!

turbobusa: Cool! Hey thanks for taking time with us here at Anasci.

ZM: Thank you and let’s make 2014 a great one!