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Geardepot destroys $500k worth of gear!!
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Geardepot destroys $500k worth of gear!! - 07-24-2018, 07:25 AM

As some of you know, we had an issue with some testing on a few of the products we carry. We were notified of this by the testing committee. Once confronted with the results, we took immediate action to investigate. The past several weeks have been spent turning over everything trying to root out this issue. A previous supplier we were procuring oils from had screwed us pretty good. Ultimately, the blame falls on us as we guarantee everything we sell- so shifting the blame to the supplier does us no good. We take this episode on the chin and weíll have a scar because of it. To summarize the events that have taken place and show as much transparency as possible, we have taken drastic measures to correct this problem. I would like to go through that now and give everyone some insight into how we handled thisÖ

-A bit of back story on this for total transparency to you guys - Beginning of the year we noticed some inconsistencies in test results on some of the Kaballero oils. The results were not +/- 5% as that is our standard. Meaning a bottle of Test E 400mg should have 380 to 420mg of Test E when tested. We had a few coming back in there 350ís and 330ís.. We confronted the manager/owner and asked for explanation, he BSíd us and said problem was fixed, but test results the next 2-3 weeks on another product showed similar results (about 20% under-dosed). At this time we began searching for a reputable lab to produce the Kaballero oils. Long story short we found a great outfit to work with and begun to phase out the old Kaballero oils, and introduce the new KX line of oils we have procured from the new lab. We had been selling the KX oils for about 2 months when we were made aware of the test results.

-We were notified of the testing results end of May and immediately we began to investigate to get to the bottom of this

-Upon getting the test results we dove deep to investigate and discovered the supplier had sent us 2 batches of gear from April and May that were not accurately dosed/labeled. We suspect this supplier realized we were not going to place any more orders with him and decided to fuck us over by sending over significantly lower dosed / altered products.

-We narrowed down the affected product to a 2-3 month window of orders that we had received from him. This amounted to about 20% of the Kaballero oils we had at the time, but we could not be certain as we canít test every vial, so we decided to separate all of the Kaballero oils (80% of which Iím confident are good quality) and got them off the website and list.

-We initiated an immediate refund / replacement policy on anyone who had purchased those products from us in the past 4 months. I made good on this and I donít think there is anyone that can say they contacted us for a resolution to this problem and did not receive more than fair compensation.

-We made a $2,000 donation to the testing committee who initially released the independent results. While none of their results are good for our bottom line / reputation, what they are doing is great for the community as a whole and I think testing more products is good for everyone (suppliers and customers). I would challenge other sources to make a donation and lets get more testing done as a community, it will only make the sources better and give the customer more confidence in what they are buying.

-Next we rounded up several thousand vials from our inventory that we suspected could be tainted. I canít test each vial to see if itís good and I certainly canít risk selling anymore of this to anyone so we immediately got it off the list and separated from the inventory.

-I got all of my shippers to complete the largest destruction of inject steroids I have ever seen or heard of. We have this documented with pics and video I will post below. This makes me sick to my stomach knowing there is only about 20% of this destroyed inventory that was affected, we must root it all out and eliminate the chance of another problem.

Going forward~

-We are obviously not carrying anything from this supplier and actually stopped buying from them many months ago. Its sad as we had a good relationship with this lab for 5+ years and they decided to screw us and our customers over in this manner, but itís a great lesson for me to be ever vigilant in testing products on a regular basis.

-I am in contact with a reputable testing facility, who was referred to me by the testing committee. We are sending off samples to them this week for testing and we will continue to send off products for testing every month and post the results for all to see.

-Right now we carry the KX line of injects and Kaballero tabs (the tabs are produced by a different facility/location then oils, and are not affected at all), and the Sazair line. I am confident in these products and we will have test results posted ASAP to assure you of this.

-Weíre looking to bring on a new product line from a long established lab out of Europe. I will report more on this in the coming weeks, but they supply public test results on every product and every batch that everyone can access online.

-The products listed on our site are stellar. I have confidence in everything we have listed on there now and will continue doing more ran*** testing to assure customers of this. I will post these results for all to see. We have never had an issue with the HGH, AAS amps, and other ancillary drugs we carry.

We take this very seriously and we will see to it that GearDepot remains one of the best there is. This episode has been extremely embarrassing and we are sorry to anyone affected. When confronted with a situation like this, its best to own up to it, investigate it, and understand what caused it. From there, producing a clear path forward for eliminating the problem and ensuring it wonít happen again is what we can guarantee is happening. I feel like we have tried to be as public and transparent as we can throughout this whole process.

The team at GearDepot are all bodybuilders, athletes and very much part of this entire online community. We use these same products we sell and have for the last 13+ years. I mentioned one of the main reasons I got into this business was being tired of getting ripped off by sources or getting sent garbage that was not properly dosed. I know what it feels like to feel you were deceived and I hope anyone that feels this way will know that we would never sell anyone any product that we thought was not on point, or of great quality. We got thrown a curve ball here that we were not prepared for, but please have confidence that we have corrected the problem and outlined a clear path moving forward.

I really do feel like we have some of the best customers. Most of the guys we work with feel more like friends than formal Ďcustomersí. Our motto has been the same here from the beginning, we simply 'treat others the way we would want to be treated'.

Weíre open to feedback, questions or comments if anyone has them,so please feel free to chime in. If any of you guys think we could have handled this in a better way or done something different please let me know.

Thank you for your continued support!

G and all of team GearDepot
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07-24-2018, 08:35 AM

Karma will get them man

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