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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Nebido
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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Nebido - 01-31-2013, 12:01 AM

by marcus300

Ive recently had a few questions regarding the new HRT therapy Nebido whats available, hopefully this thread will answer some of those questions I keep getting asked. Nebido is a 1000mgs 4ml amp of testosterone undecanoate set in castor oil.

When I was put on HRT a few yrs ago my Endocrinologist tried various therapies to bring my Testosterone levels back up to a level were I was feeling better, eventually we got this from Test E which was shot every 12-14 days, my life completely changed and the demons what I use to fight everyday finally went.

Over 18 months ago my Endocrinologist started to tell me about this new therapy what he wanted to try because it was claiming remarkable results, he quoted me study after study and told me this product is getting alot of headline news and many Endo's are talking about how this kind of application will out date every other method when its available world-wide.

i've been using this product now for over 12 months and ive found it to be far superior than any other HRT therapy i've ever used. My blood values are more stable than ive ever had and i feel like 21yrs old again,

There is a loading phase for the first 6 wks and then its one injection every 12 wks or in some case's 10 wks depending on how your BW comes back and what protocol your doctor use's.It has a very long half life which is why your doing a loading phase to bring blood values up and then a maintenance dose to keep them there, at first I wasn't convinced but after using it and reading the studies I cant recommend this product highly enough, its simply remarkable and definitely worth trying.

Below are some studies what have been done which make excellent reading, there are many more available but here a just a few:

2.5 yrs study-

8yrs study-

9 yrs study-

Indevus Announces Submission of New Drug Application for Nebido

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