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MeasureOfAll 05-14-2009 09:33 PM

Here goes nothing! Make suggestions before I run this thing!
Alright guys....

I got a f-load of gear. Like 500 Dbol 5mg and 100 Nolva.

I was considering an oral only cycle despite what you guys said. Now I'm absolutely sure I should spike my cycle with TestE. My current plan is a 8 week cycle that consists of Dbol and Nolva daily. 15mg Dbol spiking at 50mg daily.

So if I include TestE how much should I jab and how often? AG has a special with 5 250Mg. Can I just run that for 5 weeks of the 8 week cycle? Should I lower my Dbol intake if I include TestE?

For PCT I figured I'd just keep running the Nolva for two weeks. If I take TestE is there anything else I should include in PCT? I'm pretty sure I'll be prone to gyno, my pecs have always been massive and I've always fougth with fatty tissue around the bottom.


crazykillen 05-14-2009 09:47 PM

what are your goals and stats bro??

MeasureOfAll 05-14-2009 09:50 PM


Height: 5' 11" or 10"

I've been lifting on and off since I was 17 and did crossfit for about 3 years. I eat cro-mag and raw. I love powerlifting.

My goal is to be 225 and %8 body fat. I know I may have to get big before I cut my BF down.

Any suggestions for another shot location than the butt? I can't turn around enough and my ass is flat and has always been flat.

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