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02-12-2018, 04:57 PM

Been doing HIT since 1977 when in college and on the varsity swim team I was introduced to a short time I gained 15 pounds of muscle and was doing the stack on most I progressed I started developing some hybrid HIT...I know I gave myself 2 small brain aneurysm from leg extension/leg press supersets to beyond failure with assisted reps...I am now 58 and still utilize this method of joints are now pretty much shot...I suffered a complete quad tendon rupture in 2002 and tricep tendon rupture in 2007 both requiring major surgery...I was able to bench 450 at 220 when I was 41 and was ranked 21st in the country that year per PLUSA I now train 2x a week...and still utilize my hybrid HIT which is similar to Yates or Labrada...
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