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Originally Posted by *Bio* View Post
It all depends on the person but once the body starts accumulating injuries, it's probably better to move to the volume side and not just maximum weight. If I had a time machine! LOL!!

I have no problem discussing gear at all but it's always the focal point. ANYBODY can take 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, whatever you can afford, ANYBODY can do that...there's nothing special about that BUT how many people can train with the intensity that Platz and Dorian trained with? How many people can eat the amount of food it takes, 7+ times a day? A lot of people think they do but they don't!

When I started working out in the 80's, gear was discussed but most people were training like animals. It was a different era and the gyms were very different than they are now. Things have changed and fitness has taken over...abs throughout the year are over rated...hahahaha! Training and food have to be dialed in to get the most out of any cycle. Like Tom Platz said, when you think there's nothing left, you have five more reps and when those five are done, there's still five more! Try training like takes a lot of will power to put yourself through that kind of pain!!

Where have you been keeping these stories buddy?? I love hearing this stuff. Your a fucking time capsule.

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