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Originally Posted by monetgo View Post
Pretty interesting compound...

I fight with knee issues from time to time if I go a bit overboard and have always been intrigued.

Following along to see how it plays out.
Same here. My aches and pains come from constantly trying to beat my logbook in the gym.....and not deloading when I should be......always thinking I can eek another week out.

So just some inflammation and overuse at times.

I research anything before I try it....and this shows a lot of promise across the board.

I will update again in about a week when I have roughly 2 more doses in.

Most of the stuff I read recommended 5mg a week for 6 weeks for saturation...then 2mg a week afterwards to maintain. But I've read of others having success after the loading phase going as long as 10 days between maintenance doses.

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