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Originally Posted by d08inmanr View Post
I go to gym 6 days a week off on sundays
diet is in check but since im wanting to add weight I am upping my calories to right at 4000 calories instead of my normal diet of 2400 calories
I asked what your exact goals were as goals is such a broad term. So you want to be bigger and a lot leaner (as we all do).

Your bf is too high imo. Sure cycling tren will helps matters but you need to lower it before you start your cycle imo. Another option would be you need to try to lower it whilst cycling.

You are always going to look better on option 2. Tren will always make you look better.

If it were me I would do what I am doing now. I would cycle a little test and tren... hey add an oral if you wish. Get your bodyfat down to under 10%. Don't concern yourself too much about your weight. If you are using test and tren and eating a high protein and healthy diet with consistency then you should easily be able to lower your bf% whilst maintaining or adding muscle. Your weight may go down alittle but the important thing is get below 10%.

Then come off and maintain your condition as much as possible and start a 2nd cycle of something like test and nandrolone (npp) with adrol. Eat and train progressively and build lots of muscle.

You could bulk up and stay at a similar bodyfat percentage then cut down... lots of ways up the mountain. I think you would be best doing the 1st way as it will help you sort out your diet straightaway. Your diet mustn't be great as your post doesn't really add up. If you are genuinely 14-15% bf and 190 eating 2100 cals per day and training 6 days per week then something is not right. I would have 2 rest days per week and I would not just up calories by 2000 straightoff like you have.

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