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anyone run a similar sleep pattern
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anyone run a similar sleep pattern - 01-26-2018, 08:47 AM

I have ran a similar sleep pattern before I started back lifting ,I was running 3-4 hours sleep working 20 hours a day with a nap here and there unplanned for weeks on end without really resting on days off, it's eventually I believe what led to be shutting down my system and being put on trt.

The difference now is diet was shit then just keep going at any cost and now I eat fairly clean more Cal's , gear and lift . Just curious if anyone has run sleep like this and successfully made gains without putting themselves in world of shit. I have alot to accomplish this year so I'm considering 4 hours sleep with 2 planned 30 min naps plus modafinyl from a doc, not abused just what is necessary if at all plus gear, sups,thyroid, food etc. This should give me the extra hours in the day to accomplish what I want this year....

Haven't made my mind up to do this so would like all input good or bad. I know just for example there's guys on here that don't like modafinyl. I welcome there input as I plan to use it for brain function like it should be not speed.

Anyway fire away

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