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PCT question (please help)
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PCT question (please help) - 05-11-2007, 10:14 AM

I am on a 12 week cycle (10 wks Decca and Test cyp)(last 2 wks test cyp only). I am in the 5th week and have had no sides as of yet. My PCT plan consists of Clomid and Nolvadex ( Day 1 300mg of clomid then 100mg for 10 days and 50mg to finish the last 10 days) (Nolvadex at 20 mg for the 3 week PCT).
My question is, clomid seems to have a lot of side effects, is there something else I can use instead. Also, is HCG nessasary because of the effects of Decca?
Last, I am not supposed to start my PCT until 2 weeks after last Test injection, correct?
One more thing, Does using natural aromasin and test boosters help, hurt, or not make any difference during and post cycle?

I hope I gave enough info, and any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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