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Tendon Strength Cycle For Me And The Wife.....
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Tendon Strength Cycle For Me And The Wife..... - 06-06-2013, 12:33 AM

As some of you know both my wife and me suffer from arthritic knees. My left and her right. The pain and stiffness is always worsening as time goes by. After deadlifting a measly little weight of 405 last week I can't even stand up quickly because the joint will lock up on me and its been grinding ever since. I couldn't even finish my deadlift workout. Squats have been out of the question unless I'm on cycle and feeling good and strong.

However, I was thinking that I have never ran a cycle for tendon strength/repair. I've never used deca or eq. I've researched eq and I'm not sure I like what it does to your hematocrit and rbc's so I'm thinking of just running a low dose of it or even none at all.

What do u guys think of this cycle?

Test 300mgs/week - (decreases collagen by 50%-80%)
Deca 600mgs/week - (increases collagen synthesis 270%)
Eq 100-200mgs/week or maybe none at all - (increases collagen synthesis by 340%)
Primo 300mgs/week (increases collagen synthesis by 180%)
Riptropin 4 iu a day (increases collagen synthesis based on doseage)

I figure I have 4 compounds promoting joint health if I ran this cycle plus the test would be low enough that the decrease it causes in collagen synthesis in my joints shouldn't be an issue. Because of the condition of my knee I am thinking that from now on all of my cycles will have to revolve around deca, eq and primo if I have any chance of continuing squatting and deadlifting.

For the wife, she finished a cycle earlier this year. Primo at 50mgs/week and var at 10mgs/day for 8 weeks. Her knee felt great. Luckily both var and primo increase collagen synthesis. Now she's 4 weeks into new cycle which is npp at 50mgs/week for first 4 weeks (just finished this), 2 weeks off followed by 3-4 weeks of anavar at 10mgs/day all while taking 2 iu of rips a day. Right now she's in the 2 weeks off period and took her last npp shot saturday. She squatted monday, leg pressed tuesday (we were supposed to do all legs on monday but had to stop early) then today her knee was swollen and clicking/grinding. This is the first time she's had knee pain in a while. I figure it was mainly from trying to go heavy while the npp had already worn off. Luckily all of the compounds she cycles with promote collagen synthesis. However, she cannot take these compounds when she's off cycle like I can. (I recently added low dose primo to my trt). The best bet for her is to use Riptropin consistently between cycles.

My question for her is, how long do you have to be on rips before you see relief in your joints from it? And, is 2 iu a day enough to promote collagen synthesis?

Your help and input is appreciated!

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