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03-20-2005, 07:06 PM

Originally Posted by Dveres95
Hey im 19 been working out for 2 years, I kno im young, but I think im ready for the boost of steroids. Im 5'11 190 15%BF

Im taking 1cc of Super Test 250 (Sustenon) and 1cc of Injetable D-bol by Deknall.

I take one shot of Super Test on Wednesday and One shot of D-bol Sunday b4 i go to bed,

I was wondering if I should split the D-bol into 3 shots a week, Sun, Tues, Thurs. and just keep the Super Test to one shot a week.

Im just finished my second week, and Im feelin AWESOME!

Tell me what you opinion is on my cycle and if I should make any quick adjustments.!

Thanx :twisted:
You should have asked before you started. Not to flame ya bro but I believe 19 is to young to juice. With the proper diet and training, you could have had many more years of growing without the juice.

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