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Originally Posted by Thunder46 View Post
I would like to hear from guys who. ete and have used DNP. How much better did it make you look?
Can you achieve the same results with t3 and clen?
How did it make you feel?
What side effects did you have?
Would you ever use it again after the first time ?
I've never competed and I have no desire to buy I have used dnp several times and I can share that. Dnp will do far more for your apperance than a t3/clen combo, dnp actually burns the fat for fuel. But I would also suggest an ECA stack to help curb your appetite cause dnp can make some very hungry. If you have a cheat meal while on it you'll pay for it in short order. An excess of fats and carbs will cause the dnp to burn it all offf quickly and you'll heat up and sweat like a freak. 100mgs of dnp will raise your metabolism 10%.

250mg DNP caps:
Some will do 250mgs eod with less sides and still burns fat very effectively.
250mgs ed is a very comon dose and is what most will start with. Even at this dose your workouts will begin to suffer and you'll be sweating like cray at the gym (and in general) and it has a different smell but you're burning fat which is the goal. You can do cardio moderatley but not as fast as you were before as you will be breathing heavily because your body is working harder.
500mgs a day all of the same sidee effects but of course more intense and you cardio will only be walking at this point otherwise you'll be breathing so heavy and someone will probably call you an ambulance even though you are actually fine. It just sounds and looks bad. You'll definitely need a very good fan and a/c to tolerate DNP and its even better in the winter if you live in that kind of climate.
750-1000mgs a day is asking to look like the walking dead. I've seen it and been right next to the guy and he was breathing like he just ran a marathon but he was just sitting there
DNP is very powerful but also very effective and I will use it again for sure.
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